Splitcoast isnt working??? On HIP HOP!? NOOOOO!

>> Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ok. So my sister gets into town today. I am SUPER excited. My sister and i get along great. I usually see her when other family is in town, or when i got back to my hometown. Which is fantastic, and i love seeing her then too, but i'm also spreading myself out to see other fam as well. I love it when i get one on one time with my sis. She's fantab. But, her plan gets in at 11:45. You know you have an addiction problem when even how very very excited i was to see her, i suddenly thought to myself, oh no, i'll miss HIP HOP THURSDAY! Yes... i need help.

Hello, my name is katie, and i am addicted to Unity.

But then i thought, ok, so it's a fair trade off because i dont get to see my sis much. But i did fully plan to get onto splitcoast and into the forum to chat, play and even make a card before it would be time to go pick her up from the airport. Then i'd have my perfect day. But when i went to get on splitcoast.... it... wasnt... working! NO! Splitcoast cant be down on HIP HOP?! I'm sure they'll get it up and running within the next few hours... but i dont have a few hours for them to work on it. NOOOOOO!

Seriously. So sad. But i really have some things i should probably do anyway. *sigh*

BUT, in the off chance that someone stops by my blog that is another UNITY fan...

I can a unity challenge for you! Just until the forums get up and running again. I'll even scrounge up a prize for a random gal to win. :)

The other day in my blog hopping, i was visiting a fellow Unity fan's blog. And her card simply STUNNED ME! First, go check out her post here. Chelsea (HapeMome) is an AMAZING card crafter. She has an etsy store too where you can snag one on her amazing cards or layouts.

Ok, so i always love her cards. But this one really stood out to me. I love how she combo'ed some pastel colors with black. Not something i'd typically do... LOVE LOVE LOVE her outcome. So this is my challenge to you. Put some pastel colors (it's ok if they are spring pastels and have some vibrancy, but they shouldnt be brights or bolds... you get the idea) and add some black as well. Just the sentiment in black doesnt count. Mix up your norm. Every card made gets an entry into the drawing. Use unity stamps in honor of Hip Hop thursday and you'll get 2 entries!!!!! The winner will be random (i'll put all the names into a big ol bucket and let jack pick the winner instead of using random.org this time since some gals hopefully will get 2 entries). Sorry i cant post my own creation just yet. I want to get this post up there for those that are like me and dying that splitcoast isnt working yet!

If you're a unity gal - post this challenge on your blog so others know to find it! Feel free to mention it in the forums later as well since i might not be around. :)

OH - and duh - dont forget to check out UNITY TODAY! And the store Today there is 25% off all orders! And i'm sure there will be other hip hop specials as well!


added note:

add a link to your card just in the comments section. I want to give everyone a chance to play today, so i'll draw a winner tonight at 9:30ish and will get on the forum to announce the winner. You dont need to be present to win though. Be sure to post your scs name as well so everyone in the forum will know who won. :)


Mary R Thursday, October 16, 2008  

Hey Katie!! Hope you a great visit w/your sister. For the challenge -need to be done today? Do we email you or post comment linking the card?

Mary R Thursday, October 16, 2008  

Here is mine..not perfect..but did the pastels and black :)

Mary R Thursday, October 16, 2008  

ohh forgot to add...My name is maryscraps03 at SCS.

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