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>> Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So i have had a pretty darn good day today. Last night my hubby surprised me with this...

for no particular reason. Oh, and a diet coke. My husband knows me so well. :)
I got lots of sleep (well, lot's of sleep for anyone with a 4 week old!). I went to bed early and Gabe went back to his normal eating every 3 hours. And then i got to sleep until 8. Woohoo!
So then we had a pretty easy time of getting Jack ready for school. I even got to check my emails and a few blogs. And what did i discover during my morning coffee computer check? I sold my first card on etsy! Woohoo! And then... I WAS FEATURED ON UNITY'S BLOG! I was floored!

My day has gone downhill a bit from there. But all good things must come to an end. haha. After taking Jack to school and taking Gabe to the doctor, we discovered the dr's office made his 4 week appt for next month. No, next month he'll be 8 weeks old... not 4. Grrr. So it was a waste of that trip. I have to go back tomorrow now with BOTH kids. Someone help me! Then i went over to The Scrapbook Company to see what goodies i might be able to snag from the work space. But my good friend Jan who works there was out today. Her mom passed away last night. Puts a lot of things into a new perspective! And i thought my morning was rough??

After school I told Jack that i wanted to make Ms Jan a card because she was very sad today. He replied "Ms Jan is my friend" and i told him "yes, Ms Jan is your friend, do you want to make her a card too?" he said "Yes! It will make her feel all better!" So after a bit of a wild afternoon (man i miss naptime!) We decided it was card making time. Now, please remember he is 2.5! I pulled out my scrap drawer and told Jack he could use whatever he wanted. He pulled out 4 scraps. I had decided to use the cuddlebug on my card, so of course he wanted to too. He LOVES to crank stuff thru the cuddlebug. So i pulled out all my folders and told him to pick one. He picked out the "circles". Then he put his largest scrap into the folder and ran it thru the cuddlebug all by himself (ok, so i set up the sandwich of the plates for him). Then we went back to his teeny tiny craft table. We tried a gluestick... but for the same reason i hate gluesticks... apparently so does Jack. He said "MOMMA! it not STICKING". I laughed and said "yes, glue sticks dont stick well" and he said "i need sumpin to stick" So i got out a tape runner and put tape on the back of each scrap and said "there ya go, now you just need to layer everything" And he did. While he did that i pulled out some flowers and things and told him to pick out what he wanted. He picked out 4 primas. And i put glue dots on the back for him. Now i want to reiterate... that my 2.5 year old did not have help from me!! And considering his age, i think he did pretty darn well! The layout is actually kind of cute if it wasnt so wonky. On the inside he stamped some crosses (that he picked out) and drew her "a mountain" and then signed his name. You cant tell it's a mountain or that it's his name, but that's ok. Here's his card!

And then after i finally convinced him to go bug daddy (evil i know), i got to finish my card! I roughly cased this card that i found on splitcoast the other day.

I used a set called Out On a Limb (along with Out On a Limb Sentiments) from Papertrey Ink. I adore this set because there is just so so so so much you can do with it! It comes with different leaves and flowers and whatnot to add to your limb. And the matching sentiments are so lovely! Lots of great quotes, even though i didnt use a quote this time.

And now i'm headed to a Moms Night Out at the Beaded Frog. Basically, we are going to go make jewelry. We'll see how much i get done since i'm taking the baby with me. But i need the night out with the gals. It'll be fun. BUT i'm supposed to be there in 20 minutes and i havent done my hair or makeup. Thank goodness i'm a pro at my 3 minute makeup routine. :)

Thanks for dropping by!


Ramsey Tuesday, October 14, 2008  

I'm so glad you got some sleep, girl! Jack's card is sooo cute! I love what you did w/ your card too! Very pretty! Have fun at a MUCH needed mommy's night! :)

Beth Tuesday, October 14, 2008  

How cute is his card!

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