A Card for Jaina

>> Saturday, August 30, 2008

Jaina - was Jack's first girlfriend. He then moved on to Lauren. We we still like Jaina an awful lot. haha.

In any case - jaina turns 2 today! We are on the way out the door to her birthday party, but i wanted to put this card up first. (i actually made the card last night).

I had a lot of fun making a 2 year old little girl's birthday card. I dont get to do a lot of little girlie things.

I used a Lily image from the image rak board on splitcoast. She is from Pink Cat Studio I'm in love with their billy stamps! Billy reminds me so much of Jack! So i was thrilled to finally get to use a Lily image! She is colored, of course, with my beloved Copics (which i got 4 more of in the mail yesterday! WOOT!). I also got some atyou spica pens in the mail and though you cant see them much on the card, Lily is just covered in sparkles!

The paper - well i couldnt even begin to tell you where any of it came from! It's ALL from the scrap bin. :) I love the scrap bin. But this paper is from the BOTTOM of the scrap bin so i really have no idea what company it's from. hehe. I do know that the brads are Paper Studio (gotta love when those are half price at Hobby Lobby) and the chipbaord buckle is from the target dollar spot! I was truly thrifty when i made this card. hehe.

Ok, off to the party now! I just got a just rite stamp yesterday from eleanor's so maybe if i'm lucky i'll get to work on a couple of projects for the just rite challenges later today! :)


5000 posts and some blog candy!

>> Thursday, August 28, 2008

Holy cow - i've reached 5000 posts! I feel like i just started this blog! Thank you so much to all my loyal viewers! I'm going to work up some blog candy for this as well, so keep your peepers peeled! I think i just may have to do some shopping in honor of the occasion! :) The blog candy should go up in the next coupla days... just let me get to shopping first!


A simple thank you

I love the look of simple cards... even when they take a lot more work than they appear to! Case in point... my next card. This is another one to show off some of the Cherry Arte paper but i decided to do it in a different way. I remember seeing this technique in a card magazine about a year ago. Instead of adhering your patterened paper to the front of the card... why not adhere it to the inside of the card! And use a simple cut on on the front to showcase the patterned paper inside. In some ways, this even showcases the patterned paper more than putting it on the outside as it draws focus to the particular part of of the patterned you have decided to showcase!

For my card, i simply took an x-acto knife and cut out a square. I could have used a punch, but my square punch wouldnt go in enough to leave me the lip i wanted for stitching. This also could easily be any other shape, a circle, oval, heart, possibilities are endless. Along the outside of my square i punched holes using a paper piercer. This would have been a LOT easier if i had my mat pack by stampin up.. but alas, it's been back ordered. I then used simple cross stitch thread (i have so many colors from my cross stitch phase during my first pregnancy that i almost always have the color i need. Bonus that if i dont, it's only about 30 cents to buy the color i need and then i have enough to last me for ages. For the stitch, i used a double running stitch (for a better reference of a running stitch and a double running stitch, see the end of this post).

Now i do think that the window card needs SOMETHING on the outside (the stitching is a wonderful effect, i like something just a smidgen more) which is why i used the button. It goes well with the stitching also - bonus! Primas or any flower would also look fantab.

The sentiment on the side of my card peeking thru my window is made of alpha rub on letters in white. Since i had such a dark colored patterned paper, i needed something to stand out on top of it. Stamps with white embossing powder would have worked great too, but i didnt want white. I colored over my white letters with chalk and then used a pencil eraser to get rid of any chalk that colored the white of my patterned paper.

And then Viola! My card! There are so many ways to alter this card! The window could be covered on the inside with a piece of transparency paper. Or maybe the only thing that would show thru the window would be a stamped image. Try out your favs and then you can come up with a new card style time and time again. It's great for a mojo buster!

Notes on the running stitch - you dont have to be a seamstress to sew on cards! I love sewing on cards and will use anything to get the look from my sewing machine itself, to a little mini hand stitcher machine, to run ons, stamps or in this case, hand stitching. Here is a link to wikipedia that even shows picture samples of the running stitch and double running stitch. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Running_stitch I could explain it myself... but i wouldnt be able to do a better job than wikipedia! So why try!


CC Designs, Bear Hugs

>> Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This is a card i made to showcase at The Scrapbook Company (one of my local stores, and the store that i teach at). I was basically given a paper line (one i happen to like quite a bit) and asked to make some cards to show off the paper. So cards i made! I'd still like to make a couple more (so far i have 2). But for today i'll just show the one i made with my new CC Designs stamp that just arrived in the mail today! You can pick up the stamp set yourself at All That Scraps. You'll notice if you take a peekie poo at the stamp set that the bears are actually 2 separate stamps. I made a mask of the bear sitting down (see details on masking at end of post) and stamped the other bear to be standing slightly behind him. The bears were colored in with twinkling h20's. It's a medium that i use far less regularly than my beloved copics but give a beautiful shimmery finish (and it's a coloring medium they sell in the store - another bonus for them!).
The patterned paper is by Cherry Arte as is the chipboard tag that i simply covered with paper. All cardstock used is by Bazzill.

The sentiment stamp has a funny story to it that i just must share. It's by Studio G and i know i've used this particular sentiment time and time again because i think it's just so cute. Then as i stamped it out, i gasped! There was a typo! The word Little actually said Litte - there was no second "L". The sentiment was still perfect in size for the littl circle that was already punched out of my little chipboard tag, so i simple drew a straight line after my t so finish the word. Still, i'm so so sad as i love this sentiment and i just with it was spelled correctly! I'm wondering if i just got a boogered stamp or if they are all this way! All in all, i find it pretty amusing. This is what i get for using a stamp that came from a set that was only a buck. But what am i saying... i do love the studio g's! I think i have them all! hahaha!

Ok - here's some tips i have for masking. Masking if you havent seen a tutorial before, or read a blurb on my blog about it... is super super easy. Basically all you have to do is stamp out an extra image of your stamp on a scrap sheet of paper. Then just cut the image out right against the black line. Some people prefer to do this using a post it note so they have a sticky back. This also works well because the paper is thin leaving little distortion against the 2 images. I however, prefer to use a scratch piece of cardstock because i never throw a mask away (ok, i do when it's no good anymore). I then put a bit of repositionable adhesive on the back and i stick it inside of the stamp case so it can be used next time.
Ok, that said, you've made your mask. Now stamp that same image onto what paper or cardstock you plan on using. Apply your mask right on top of your already stamped image and then stamp again where you want your image to appear to be behind the first image. Now in my case today, my cardstock mask made it a little more difficult to get a crisp image right up to my first image. I just took a simple black pen (in this case my favorite fine tip by creative memories) and drew in the teeny missing part. Easy as pie!

Thanks for visiting and if you have any other questions that i didnt cover, feel free to leave a comment! But please remember to leave me an email or a way to contact you to answer your question!


Quick Shout Out - Card of the Week.com

Thanks to feedjit (that listy running along the side of my blog that notes what areas of the world people are viewing my blog from) i noticed a couple of people visiting my site from a link on Card of the Week (cardoftheweek.com) I was instantly was intrigued. So i went to the site and low and behold... under tips not to miss was a link to MY blog! I was in aww and shock! Other than blog awards from friends, this is my first recognition (that i am aware of) of my work! I feel so so honored and would like to thank Card of the Week to showcasing me!

Now go check out their site as they have all kinds of links up for neat things to try, case, what have you!!!!


>> Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Whew - what a week! I've been wanting to post, but just havent had a whole heck of a lot of time. Sad sad sad. But i did create this card yesterday. I was very excited with the turn out. I had the idea about a week ago and even went out to buy this stamp just to create this witchy card! haha.

The stamp is by My Favorite Stamps and comes with all kinda fun things to create a sweet card. But i decided to color her legs green and created a spooky decor by paper piecing her walls to have a funky black wallpaper (all patterned paper is by reminisce). Her floor is hand drawn.

The sentiment is by the new Spooky Sweets II set by PaperTrey Ink. Overall i was pleased with the outcome of this card. It's always fun to me to use stamps in a manner that they werent intended for!

Thanks for visiting and feel free to leave me a comment!



>> Monday, August 18, 2008

I feel so honored! People have been awarding my blog left and right so now i get to award some people myself! Yes it's a little "chain mail - ish" but it spreads some good cheer and makes others feel good. Who doesnt like that! Here's the awards i've been given lately...

This one was given to me by my current Bella Sistah, Adele! She's fabulously talented and recently got asked to be a designer for Riley! Way to go to her! She's fantab! And ps girl, i just put in a little orderoooo and plan to split my loot with you. teeheee. :)

Here are the rules

1. Only 5 people allowed.
2. 4 have to be dedicated followers of your blog
3. one has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4. you must link back to whoever gave you the award.

So here are my gals...

1. Beth of Rose Bush Designs. Beth is actually one of my closest friends in RL. And has recently introduced herself to the blogging world. But she is very faithful to my blog and I to hers, so i still think we can count as blogging buddies. hehe.
2. Lisa of This n That. I met Lisa thru splitcoast and she is just such a delightful gal! She posts some great bella cards on her blog and is always happy to share her loot on the RAK boards. :)
3. Kim of Crafts by Kim - another loyal commenter of mine. But check out her blog too - she posts so much more crafty things than just cards. She has some GREAT ideas!
4. Bere of Berry B**ch Princess is one punky chick who always makes me laugh but she ALWAYS has a kind thing to say and she is so thoughtful. She once sent me 1 stamped image of EVERY SINGLE BELLA. SERIOUSLY! every single one of them. Sheesh. What a nice gal! :)
5. Andrea of Karten Freak (card freak). A great blog to visit! She posts some fabulous blog candy of her own and of others she finds online. Be ready to read german though if you're going to visit this one! Luckily for me i can read german, i just cant speak or type it anymore! haha.

and onto the next...

I have to pick 7 of my favorite blogs and…
1. The winner can put the logo on their blog
2. Link the person you received your award from
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls or boys you’ve nominated.

Ok - now i read a lot of blogs! But i will put 7 of my all time favorites on the list... but there are just so many more! Luckily i have more awards to give out as well because i seriously love all the blogs i'm listing with all 3 awards... But i've decided in my own head - to qualify for the I Love This Blog award... you have to be a regular blogger that i read every day (or at least close to... teehee, we all do have lives!)

1. Lauren Meader of My Time, My Creations, My Stampendence I do think that Lauren's blog might qualify as my all time favorite blog. I just cant get enough of it or her ideas. They are just flying out her wazooooooooo and sometimes she posts 3 - 4 times a day. I just cant keep up! She also has an amazing life story. She's mind boggling to me. Check her out for sure.
2. Christi of The Story of a Girl Christi is a friend of mine thru my bellaholicsanonymous group. She easily could have qualified for the first award, but i love love her blog and she has some great ideas so she's being moved to here.
3. Dawn of Amusing Musings & Things. Another one that could have been listed under the faithful followers of my own blog - but you cant beat her coloring technique. I go to her blog all the time for some inspiration and know how so she's being listed here as well.
4. Katharina of Katharina's Creative Place is also the creator of the new Whiff of Joy stamps. Keep your eye out for these lovelies! They are awesome! Plus, even though they come from switzerland... i ordered and had mine in less than a week. Thats faster than some places i order from in the states!
5. Kimmie of Kraftin's Kimmie's Korner - ok - this chick... outstanding! Her cards are some of the most beautimus cards i've ever seen! Seriously... you HAVE to check her blog out. Stunning work i tell ya! STUNNING!
6. Lynn of The Queen's Scene - Lynn's in my bella group as well, but was the first blog i ever subscribed to. Her work is FANTAB!
7. Kirsten of Confessions of a Naptime Stamper - even her blog nap is crafty! haha. Kirsten is a designer for many companies i enjoy and posts some GREAT creations. I think her blog was the 2nd blog i ever subscribed to. hehe.

And then last but not least...

The rules for this award are..

1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you've nominated.

These blogs are pretty much just more of my favorites and favorite people... They just either dont post every day or dont leave comments on my blog as much. haha.

1. Em with Stamping Bellaa - ok, so this blog is mostly about whats going on at Stamping Bella but i would be lying if i didnt say it was a place i visited regularly! :) I will never be able to get enough of my Bellas!
2. Rachel of Henahan Happenings - One of my BFF's but a fantastic crafter. She doesnt post nearly as many of her creations as she makes. I mean this chick is always craftin'! Still - when she does post... it's bound to be a good one!
3. Kel of Organized Chaos maybe she'll prove me wrong on the not posting as much business. Hehe. Kel, another close friend IRL but has been a card crafting goddess for something crazy like 10 years! She creates cards for lots of people, but not so good at taking pictures and posting them for the world to see! But you should see this lady's craft room! I could get lost in it for days and days. She has some great ideas too and if you have a question about a product, or where to get it, she knows.
4. Kim of Impress Yourself - one of my favorite people of all time... Kim was my Bella Sistah awhile back but we've remained buds. She's fantastic!
5. The Scrappy Chick is another daily visit for me. She has some great sketches that remind me why i love to scrapbook! But dont be fooled.... she has some fantastic cards as well!
6. Debbie from Thinking Inking Stunning work! Her style is very different from mine but is gloriously wonderful at the same time. I like going here for some for vintagie inspiration!
7. Wendy of Wickedly Wonderful Creations is one of my latest blog subscriptions. More stunning work of course or i never would have subscribed! She does a lot more than just cards. And she'll give you some great sneakie peekies! Check her out too!

Whew - and now all of you who read my blog can understand how sometimes i say i get lost in the blogging world. With all of these amazing blogs to browse everyday.... wouldnt you!?!?!?!?


my boy

Ok, so this isnt a craft project, but i feel awfully crafty about it! It's a picture i took of my little guy at the cookout on saturday. He had been running around like crazy and went around to the backyard to "take a break" and said he just "needed to sit a minute". So as he just sat there and seemed to ponder something only a 2.5 year old could ponder about, i snapped the picture. And then i changed it into black and white. man i love photoshop. :)


a new technique

It isnt the best picture in the world... i took it in my car! Yep, thats right, it was sitting on my lap in my car. Haha. I was taking this thank you card over to my friends house since she was hosting a cookout for my "mom's group". But she's also a cardmaker (and a fab one at that) and she was my guinea pig for a stamping technique i had wanted to try, and then i forgot to take a picture! Argh.

Anywoo - the technique is to stamp on good thick vellum (like vellum cardstock - regular vellum is too thin for this and your likely to tear it). Stamp your image (mine is the August Stamp of the Month from Great Impressions). I actually then heat set the image but mainly because it still looked wet and i know vellum isnt as porous as other papers. Turn your vellum over and then run a stylus tool in the areas you want to emboss. I chose just inside of the leaves. On the other side the leaves will turn white where embossed. I then colored in the leaves on both sides to make sure the color really popped. I just used my copic markers because i did want to do a little bit of shading but you could use whatever markers you prefer. And that's that!

There are flowers on the stamp, but i wasnt thrilled with how i colored them plus i wanted even more dimension so i used some itsy bitsy primas i had. I did line underneath the vellum with another piece of cardstock but only because i wanted to hide the back of the brads from where i attached the flowers. If you were using large enough flowers that the brad fasteners wouldnt show thru, then it wouldnt be a problem. I also scallopped the edge of my vellum only with the SU scallop border punch and used the word window punch which after i punched i thought, you know i shouldnt have done that, but it was done. And punching on the card itself is like cutting hair... you just cant put it back! So i left it and stamped a Thank You from Technique Tuesday's Simple Sentiments.

And that was my card! :)


Another Bella

>> Sunday, August 17, 2008

Well Hello everyone! I'm back from my trip and my parents left town yesterday. *sob* i actually have to take care of my 2.5 year old again! hahaha. Ok, so i love taking care of my little guy, but man is he exhausting. After not having to get up to get him a juice box, or yogurt, or take him outside in the heat, put in a movie, etc for him for a week... i must say i did get a little spoiled! :)

But now that i'm back in my own world, i can also get back to crafting! I have 2 cards i need to post. 1 is actually from last week that i created while my parents were in town, i just wasnt able to get it up. I made 3 of these bella cards to give 1 to each hostess of my baby shower. Considering i whipped them together pretty fast, i think they came out lovely! :)

The stamp is Flowahbella from www.stampingbella.com. She is colored with Copic Markers. I honestly dont even know the maker of the cardstock since it was just from my stash, but the patterned paper you might recognize from my last post with my Love of Labour projects. It's by SandyLion and i believe its from the disney princess collection. Other than that i just added some Michael's $1 rhinestones (i LOVE those packages!). I stamped a pretty "thank you" on the inside. Other than that, the card is kept simple with some easy mats and not too much extensive layering. Sometimes, i think a pretty image is all a card needs. :)

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to email me or leave a comment as always!


Love of Labor Swap, Gardenbella

>> Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I participated in a super fun swap on splitcoast. The swap was called Love of Labor swap. The idea what that you hand craft an item tailored for your secret gal. It's been a lot of fun as we've been chatting the past couple of weeks but no one is telling who has who. :)

Well... i'm post dating this post so hopefully my secret gal has already received it (though i dont think she reads my blog, so i'm probably safe. Still... i'm not going to mention any names just to be safe. :)

I created a basket/tin that could be used for all kinds of things. It could be to store cards (my first thought) but could also store stamps, tools, or whatever else she wants to have within close reach. Inside my tin are lots of other goodies for her to craft with but most notably in a plastic screw top jar tower with matching embellishments to the tin (to go with the idea of a place to store cards and cardmaking supplies). There are also some stamps, stickles, and other small items inside just for fun.

To create my tin purse, i started with a tin purse base i picked up at Hobby Lobby. I then picked up some pizzazzill cardstock by bazzill as well as some patterened paper by Sandy Lion at a local scrapbook store. After careful measuring... i modgepodged the paper to the tin. I wasnt pleased with my seam lines, so i decided to add the ribbon along the edges instead of just around the middle as i originally planned. I was pleased with the more finished look the ribbon gave (ribbon is soft sky double stitched ribbon by Stampin Up).

The flowers and fabric covered brads added a great dimension touch to the project i thought (and all of the extras from the packs are included inside the tin for her to use!).

I also included this bella card in my tin. I tried to keep within the same color scheme as the tin. If you remember my post earlier in the week from my baby shower you notice the same trim of embossed paper ad scalloped border. Yep, thats because i had an extra of each still sitting on my craft table. I'm not a waster. I use EVERYTHING. :)

My card base is actually very vanilla by SU. I wanted to match the off white of the tin. Then i layered an embossed cardfront (that i received in a swap, though i do have that embossing folder) and my left over pieces from the baby thank you. I colored my bella (Gardenbella from Stamping Bella) with copic markers and for the first time, i added a base (the grass) to her. I've seen this done on other blogs and i just think it's so neat. Its especially worked with this bella for me because i've always been a little curious with what to do with her feet since she doesnt have the typical trendy shoes that the bellas wear. Well, i personally like to be barefoot in grass so i made her some grass! Other cardstock pieces on the card are all from the scraps bin (i'm a little meticulous with how i keep my scraps, i have different compartments for every color so i'm sure to be able to find perfect colored mats, etc. Like i said... i use everything!)
I then added a rub on from a small spring pack from making memories. I really like the rub ons over embossed cardstock because you still get the whole sentiment without the distortion you'd get if you stamped the sentiment.

So i really hope my secret gal enjoys my creation i made for her. it was a super fun swap and i'd join another on in a heartbeat! :)


>> Monday, August 11, 2008

I actually created this card the other day when i was playing with my new jewel tone shimmer chalks by Pebbles Inc. i'm telling you.... i love these chalks! I learned a little trick that you can post to your blog days before (thank you Lauren Meader!) so i have a couple of posts ready for while i'm out of town! I just think this is fabulous! Haha. Ok, and on to the card!

I feel like this isnt a typical card for me. It's a little more subdued than what is my norm. However, i'm in the process of coming up with some card designs to do sets of for a fundraiser craft fair my church is doing in October. Seeing as i wont be able to do much October 1st when this craft fair is said to be, i'm trying to be a little ahead of the game! I'm also doing LOTS of stamping on candles and i'm so pleased with how they've turned out so far. I'll try to remember to take pictures of the ones done so far the next day i'm at the church crafting, but i've left them there so i cant post pictures now.

I started this card with a simple brown base and patterned paper by Anna Griffin. The stamp set is Everyday Blessings by PaperTrey . I love this set. The sentiments are fabulous and there are SO MANY in the set! I stamped the cross on the white cardstock and then stamped it out again on some scratch cardstock. The scratch cardstock i cut out and put a little removable adhesive on the back to use as a mask. (my super helpful tip is if you do this with a set, save your trimmed out image so you dont have to go thru the process the next time). After putting my mask on top of my stamped cross, i used the jewel tone chalks to add a shimmery halo around the cross. I did layer 2 colors for a little added depth, but it was so so easy! Then peel off your mask and viola! The shimmer looks fantastic, but it's very hard to capture the look on camera. So just trust me on this one. I then layered my sentiment on top. In my recreations of this card, i'll probably move the sentiment down as it's a little hard to read where it is now.

The stitching is actually just rubons by Kaiser Craft. I was pleased with how easily they came off the backing, but not pleased at how easily it stuck to my fingers! Just an FYI when you're handling them!

Thanks again for stopping by!!!!


Baby Shower Thank Yous

>> Saturday, August 9, 2008

I stayed up a wee bit too late making baby thank yous. Ok, so i was chatting with a friend online at the same time otherwise i would have been done much earlier. Anyhoo - i wanted the cards to be cute, but simple. And they needed to be easy enough to do assembly line style and not cost too terribly much per card. I had yet to use my Sweet Thing set by Stampin Up (how often do you hear me say that... hehe, ok, so i think about every post i'm using something i havent gotten around to using yet. do i shop too much?). But i was thrilled with how easily they came together and how easy it was. All the stamps used on the card front are from the Sweet Thing set but there are other stamps in the set that i could have used as well. I'm so glad i got this set before it retired this year!

So here's my super easy card. First i cut my 8.5 x 11 white cardstock "hot dog style". Ok, so the whole hot dog style thing is from when i used to teach sunday school. It just means cutting or folding in half the long way. Then i scored and the half way point. This is a very popular way to do cards i've seen more and more lately. Its a nice change if you've been folding your cards the "standard way" as i have been.

I stamped the circle stamp (in soft sky; SU) somewhat hap haphazardly on the front allowing some of the circles to hang over the edges. I used my swiss dots folder by cuddlebug to emboss A2 sized pieces of cardstock (this is important as a time saver if you're making multiple cards. I then cut that into thirds for my card.) I used the SU scallop border edge along the brown cardstock and layered it under the embossed cardstock. Ribbon tied around the top of the card and the stamped sentiment (in desert sand, CTMH) complete the card. I also stamped a simple Thank You in the sam brown on the inside of my card. However it could easily be switched to Congratulations or even a baby announcement.

Thanks for stopping by! And as always, comments are welcome and if you have any questions, feel free to email me!


Papertrey ink birds of a feather

>> Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ok, so i'm posting twice for today! Because of my serious lack of posts from last week. :)

I was seriously hurting for some mojo when i made this card. I was feeling pretty nauseous and acid refluxy and i couldnt even concentrate let alone be crafty. But somehow this card emerged and i was actually quite happy with it. I will say i dont think it photographed nearly as nice as it turned out because you cant see all the shimmer and glitz. But since i discovered a new to me technique, i want to show it anyway.

Here is my sympathy card using Papertrey's Birds of a Feather. This set is just stunning to me. I just love the font on all the sentiments included. The sentiment and flowers on this card are also from this set.
I knew i wanted to use this set because i just wanted a very pretty sympathy card to send to someone from church. Remember my no mojo when starting this card. I picked out a bird and just stamped it on a piece of white cardstock. I also stamped out the with sympathy sentiment but ended up not using it.
I pulled out a scrap of one of my favorite patterned papers (maker is Graphic 45) I'm tellin ya, if i had an entire pad of this paper, it still wouldnt be enough. You may remember i used these papers for a set of cards i did awhile back using the same brown card base. I love blue and brown together. I then scalloped the scrap using my new Stampin Up Scallop Border Punch.
I inked the edges using Cat Eye Chalk Ink.
I then cut my birdie bird out using my Creative Memories circle custom cutting system and also did a mat out of another piece of scrap paper.
Then i looked at my card and i was stuck. Just simply stuck! So i decided to just stamp on the dark brown using white daisy pigment ink by Close to My heart (my fav for pigment white ink... and heads up, ctmh has decided to do their vanilla cream and colonial white in the pigment base as well! Oh i am just so so so excited!!!) I was going to just stamp my flower once, but then it just grew and grew. Also to note, this is a 3 step flower so i was able to position each piece just where i wanted it on the card. This is one of my favorite aspects of the PaperTrey stamps!
So now what... i thought as my mojo was still a little slack (though i was feeling a little better as my card started to come together. Thats when i remembered my jewel tone chalks by Pebbles Inc that i just bought! I had no idea how i was going to use them, but i was bound and determined. Now i'm sure many of you reading this are probably saying oh yes i chalk over ink all the time. Well this gal had never even thought of it! Not with a color ink at least. I use chalks ALL THE TIME with versamark. So i wanted to test it out. Now the key to get this technique to work for me was to pounce the chalk not rub. I was loosing the image of my flower when i rubbed. So i alternated my colors and just pounced a bit on top of the white flowerand suddenly before my eyes was this beautiful shimmer among my flowers. Needless to say, stumbling on a new technique definitely kicked up my mojo. I then stamped out my with sympathy sentiment also in white daisy but left it solo so it would pop out. I did then take my atyou spica pen in clear and just added glitz all over the . It's all around the sentiment, within the flowers and outlining my birdie bird. Now let me tell you, my atyou spica pen is one of my favorite "tools" but i've never gotten it to photograph how stunning it really is. So i highly suggest you buy one to see for yourself. You'll be pleased, i guarantee it!!
Some simple 1/8" satin brown ribbon finishes off my card. And there is my mojo-less card which i thought turned out pretty sweet.


Starving Artist Pumpkinhead

Well, i was going to save this post until a little later this week. But the whole idea of this card makes me giggle so i've decided to put it in front of my other creations from yesterday. If you were über excited about the jewel tone shimmer chalks... never fear, they are still coming. :)

But first....

So this is my first creation with this new stamp of mine. His name is "Pumpkinhead" and he is by Starving Artist Stamps I just love their doodlefactory stamps! Super cute and they always make me laugh! Ok - so here's the story on my card. While chatting away in the Recycling RAK thread on splitcoast stampers, my friend Dawn and I are talking about the new halloween doodlefactory creatures that are being designed! Now Dawn is as big of a starving artist fan as i. Check out her work and you are sure to find some great great great starving artist cards. But as we are talking and i mention how much i love Pumpkinhead and our other friend Mish laughs that pumpkinhead has long arms and a wonky eye. While this may be true, i still love him. So i made this card to send to her. Obviously the sentiment is handwritten. I tried to make the "font" match the style of the stamp. hehe.

Ok, so now that i bored you with the background story... onto the deets of the card itself. If you're a stampin up buyer... you may recall how they had a sale on prescored Wild Wasabi cards. I took the bait and bought them. Oh wait... they were on sale because they were scored completely wrong. haha. So i modified my scored card and cut one section off. it works. And it's great textured cardstock in one of my fav SU colors. Too bad they discontinued the color. grunt. The other cardstock is Pumpkin Pie (also by SU) and some random black i had. I punched the photocorners using the SU photo corner punch. I applied Liquid Glass by Close To My Heart on top of the photo corners just to give it added oompf. Edges are inked with Cat Eye chalk inks by Color Box. Stars on the side are from the Border Builder's set by SU. I was going to sell it... but there are so so many times i need a little star, or a little flower, etc to put in the background. So maybe i'll just keep it. Though this was the first time i've used it. hehe. Some black satin ribbon from my stash finishes off the card.

Thanks for looking! Leave a comment or email me if you have any questions!


>> Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hello everyone! Well i finally got to get in some crafting time. I'm telling ya, this preggie going to bed early thing seriously can take a toll on your mojo! But today i've tried to be dedicated to my craft! I woke up this morning and started crafting! No joke. I got a card in before the youngster woke up so it isnt crazy detailed, but it's nice. A good friend of mine got some bad news and told me last night but i was unable to get a card made. So i was determined to get one made and out in the mail this am!

Here she is... Clickabella (www.stampingbella.com) to remind my friend that i'm just a mouse click away if she needs to talk (and by the way, stamping bella actually makes that sentiment but i dont have it. I dont have the clickabella stamp either though, this was an image from an image swap i was in a bit back. :)

Other Supplies Used
Cardstock by Stampin Up
Copic Makers
Cuddlebug Embossing Folder
Bazzill Brads
Ticket Punch by Stampin Up
ColorBox Cat Eye chalk inks for all edges and on embossed cardstock

And more to come as i kept pluggin away at various times today. Let me just say, i got some new jewel tone shimmer chalks by pebble inc and made a coupla cards with them. They are divine!!!!! Keep your eyes peeled... i'll show them off tomorrow!



>> Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ok, so i havent posted a creation recently... it's because i havent created! it's so sad. And i've been dying to... really! But alas, the pregnancy is wearing me down and i havent been crafting at night, but being a big ol' lazy bum! That and i spent some needed time with the hubster this weekend. He's been working so hard.

But tonights the night gals! The kiddo has driven me nutso - i love the little bugger... but it's been "one of those days" and i told hubby if he wanted a sane wife that i needed all me time tonight. Graciously, he agreed.

So, i'll be crafting later... but not yet. First i wanted to be sure to tell you about some fantastic BLOG CANDY! Whiff of Joy stamps (remember the one i submitted the magnolia card for) well she has hit 100,000 hits on her blog. And she's giving away 4 of the new guardian angel stamps to a lucky lucky winner!!!! And better yet... who ever wins, she's sponsering blog candy on their blog as well. So lets hope that i win (teehee) and then i get to in turn post it here on my blog as well. It's the most rockin' blog candy ever!

So go here to check out the fabulouso blog candy and register to win it. and if you win it... well you better let me know so i can try to win it off of your blog!



Guitar Hero ROCKS!

>> Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ok, so i didnt just do this. But it's really in response to a friends blog in which she posted a video clip of her kiddos playing guitar hero. We also have guitar hero in my house and some close family friends of ours have Rock Band. One day we had an invitation to go to their house to play guitar hero and rockband, but if i was truly a rockstar, i could show up with the same guitar as everyone else could i? So i "altered" my guitar. I kept it simple with some rub ons but i added some flourishes and my name. And then in smaller letters i added the names of my loved ones (Greg my hubby and my son Jack). I guess i'll need to be adding a 3rd name soon. good thing i have some of those rub ons left!

I'm hoping to get to play crafty wise a little bit today. I got some new punches yesterday at AC moore. woohoo! I have a bridal trial though smack dab in the middle of the day so we'll see how it goes. I'm not needed for a wedding tomorrow that i was originally booked on so who knows, maybe i'll get to play then too. :)

Happy craftin' saturday everyone!


Starving Artist Give Away

>> Friday, August 1, 2008

Starving Artist Stamps is having a little BLOG CANDY

New sets have been released. Great for the fall - lots of camping and since we do lots of camping... i'd totally love to win these sets! and these bugs

are so stinkin cute!

You may remember this post of mine...
http://papermakeup.blogspot.com/2008/07/starving-artist-zot.html from the other week. That was (sadly) my FIRST starving artist card. I'm hopefully meeting up with my gal Rachel today to pick up my second order. We are horrible enablers with each other and one cant order from anywhere without the other tagging onto the order. But hey, at least it saves on shipping! Maybe if i'm lucky, i'll get to work on another card before the weekend is out and i'll have a new starving artist card for ya! :)

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