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>> Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm a really big fan of black and white photos. I've been wanting to color some stamps in black and white for some time. I have some grey copic markers coming to me via a RAK from the über fabulous Theresa Tyree! But i tried using some pencils to see if i could get a nice effect. It'll take some practice, but i didnt think it was too bad for my first try. :)


Has anyone else done any black and white coloring on their cards or scrapbook pages?


A Whole Lotta Stuff!

Wow - i feel like i have so much to post about! First of all, after requests from many readers (wow - i have READERS!) to put a subscription link in my blog, i have listened and answered! If you go to the waaaaaaay bottom of my blog (it may pop up in the side too) you can now subscribe to my blog and get email updates. Fun times i tell ya!

Also - i have some big news that i havent shared extremely publicly... (ok there are like 900 phenomenal women in my bellaholics anonymous group and i shared it with them) but I'm pregnant! And today i got 2 of the cutest rak cards with preggie bellas on the front! I love them to pieces and if i get my butt in gear, i'll take pictures and post them here in a bit!

*edit* Ok, i took the pictures of my cutie patootie cards! here they are...

I also won some fun fun blog candy from Ink-a-Design blog Photobucket

Which has inspired me to do a little blog candy of my own, but not yet. haha. gotcha, huh? No i will have some great blog candy up for grabs a little later in the week. I want to get the little package together first. :)

And last but not least, i angeled a spot in my friend Ami's Bella Colored Card swap so here is my hitched a fella bella card!

And for now my son is napping and i'm resisting the urge to nap right along with him! But maybe i'll craft a little first. :)


more bella challenge pictures

>> Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ok, so i havent posted on my blog, but i've definitely still been crafting away! My internet was down for a few days and while i tried to sneak in on my neighbor's wireless... it was very slow. So i didnt too too terribly much online. Anyhoooo - here are some cards i made for the final bella challenges on splitcoast! All those who completed all the challenges then get put into a drawing to get a bella Identifiah and i love love love those so i'm hoping to win! Wish me luck! :)

this one the photo isnt so good. My lighting was a little dim. The cutting out of bella and her fella was decided quite by accident. While using one of my new markers to color in her bag (it was the LAST thing i had to color mind you) the marker just gushed out ink everywhere making this big puddle on my cardstock. I gasped, screamed, blotted, to no avail. So i decided to cut everything out. It didnt end up being any faster than recoloring, but i think the end result was fun and different though i wont be doing it for every card!

Photobucket this was for a sketch challenge

this one was for a color challenge and i love how she turned out. The colors to be used were light blue and white with any accent color of our choice (mine being pink because i thought every bella should have her own pink porcelain tub) I applied liquid glass by close to my heart on top of the tub to give it a shine and applied bellas baubles over some of the bubbles. A special shout out goes to my bella sister for surprising me with a package with bubblebella and the baubles inside (as well as topiary bella!)

And now my challenges are complete!


Paper Piecing

>> Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ok, we all know i'm addicted to Bella stamps ( And lately many many many projects i have done have been with bellas. Well, this is no different. This is my latest card and I completed it for the bell sektch challenge bsc09 on splitcoast. More interestingly for me, i did a paper piecing for this. I have never done a paper piecing with stamps before (or with anything for that matter. Typically i love love love to color my bellas in. I love to shade (must be the makeup artist in me). I did do a little shading with a grey marker on top of the paper piecing because i just couldnt get away from it! Anyhoo - here she is in all her glory.


Tonight i plan to actually SCRAPBOOK! Amazing huh? I've entered a "challenge" so ti speak to do 31 layouts in 31 days (thru ) They have pretty neato prizes and such and i do desperately need to get caught up! So we're going to see if i can make this happen! Wish me luck!


Stamping on Candles

>> Wednesday, January 2, 2008


This super easy technique makes quick and stunning gifts and the possibilities are endless! Here's what you need...

* Stamp(s) of choice
* Ink pads of choice (if coloring in, use a good black ink, i prefer versafine in black onyx)
* Markers (optional)
* Tissue Paper (just the gift wrap kind)
* Wax Paper
* Heat Tool
* White or Ivory candle

Your first step is to stamp your image onto the tissue paper. It is important to have a scatch sheet of paper underneath your tissue paper as color will bleed thru to your work surface.

Next you will add any additional coloring to your stamp (if desired). I will note that the stamp i used is Causabella and you can pruchase this stamp at

Now trim out your stamped design (it does not have to be perfect or right on the image, just be sure that your tissue paper is not larger than your candle).

Lay your cut image on your candle.

Cover the entire candle with wax paper and pull tight. You do not want air bubbles in your design.

Heat covered candle with your heat tool. I recommend moving your heat tool in circular motions as to not overheat any one spot. You will see your tissue paper start to "disappear" into your candle.

Peel off your wax paper and Viola! Your stamped candle!

In an alternate version... you can cover your whole candle using a strip of tissue paper. Be sure than your strip is not wider than your candle.
Stamp all over your tissue strip. Layering colors looks very nice...

Wrap entire strip around candle.

You will have to heat the candle in sections. Be very sure that your tissue paper and wax paper remain flat against your candle otherwise wax will pool on your candle giving a lumpy appearance after you peel off your wax paper.
Photobucket (stamps used for this candle are by Stampin Up!)

If you complete this class i'd love you to share your finished creations! Please post the link to your candle in the comments section of post!

* added note * it was brought to my attention that credit was not given where credit was due. I learned this technique from my friend, Rachel. She showed me how super easy it was one day at her house. I decided to make a tutorial to show some of the gals in a online swap group i am in. I did not create this technique on my own. And in fact, I believe my friend learned of this technique off of (which is a fabulous site for techniques and tutorials by the way!). Unfortunately, i do not know who the original creator of this is, but whoever they are, they ROCK!


Happy 2008!

>> Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I hope everyone has an amazing 2008! Today I plan on hitting up AC Moore (dont forget, 20% off everything in the store today including sale items!). Nevermind the fact that i just spent 57 bucks yesterday in Hobby Lobby!

A little later i'm going to do a class on candle stamping! So super easy and very cute! Stay tuned!

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