Pictures of Gabe

>> Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The same gal that took those super fun belly pics with Jack and I came back this past sunday and took some 1 week old pictures of Gabe. I havent seen them all yet, but i just couldnt wait to share my sneak peeks!


I've been Tagged

>> Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I got some recognition from a fellow crafter. When people "tag" me, i always feel so honored. I still find it amazing that anyone "follows" or "subscribes" to my blog. What makes me special? So when someone gives me a little recognition on their blog, it gives me the warm fuzzies. I always feel so honored!

I've been tagged by Michelle AND Leanne. Here is how you play: 1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog. 2.Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird. 3.Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. 4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog. Ok so here goes..... 7 facts about me..
1. I have four soon to be five tattoos.
2. I just gave birth a week and a half ago to my 2nd adorable son.
3. I'm a professional makeup artist, but am totally obsessed with paper crafting (hence the blog name).
4. I used to be a dancer.
5. I dye my hair and have had pretty much every hair color at some point.
6. I believe in angels.
7. I'm going to be really really sad, and lost, when my mm goes home on sunday!
Ok now the hard part.
I am tagging..
1. Melanie
2. Bev
3. cheribella
4. Meli
5. Jacqueline


Thank You to Alheimer's Caregivers

>> Monday, September 22, 2008

So my previous post talked about the best blog candy ever, ever, ever! And for a great cause, awareness of Alzheimer's. For those that didn't know this already, yesterday was National Alzheimer's awareness day.

The "challenge" to win this blog candy was to make a card for someone caring for an alzheimer's patient. The caretaker's for these patients go thru a tremendous amount of work and pain. And it is an all too often thankless job.

Here is my card. I put it together while both bpys were taking naps so i was a bit on borrowed time. I sifted thru my drawer of things that were done but not used before (this drawer will be used a lot in the next month or so i think!) If you dont have one of these drawers or baskets, i recommend it! It's so nice and helpful in moments of just not enough time. The only item i pulled for this card was my white cut out that i stamped my sentiment on. It was cut from my cricut using the Accent Essentials cartridge. It was originally cut for another project, but ended up not being the correct size. So into the drawer it went, and it was much easier to pull it out for this card, and not to get out the cricut and cut the paper for this project.

The card size is a bit odd... but it fits into a business size envelope. And i wanted to test out a card of this size. Spice up your business envie by adding some paper to the inside of the envelope! Ok, back the the card.

I used Soft Sky cardstock (Stampin Up) and stamped French Flair background (Stampin Up) in Juniper ink (Close to My Heart). I then added a bit of detail with my uni ball signio white gel pen. I also used my Juniper Marker (Close to my Heart) to ink up just 1 of the birds from the background stamp and then added some swirl detail with the white gel pen. On top of od the bird images i used Glossy Accents by Ranger. (which i got a mini bottle as a freebie just for shopping at creativeplaystamps They always give you a freebie of some sort! :)

Next i layered a bit of Groovy Guava cardstock (Stampin Up) - which also came from the drawer of precuts - and inked the edges with red rose chalk ink (Cat's Eye). My white daisy cardstock (close to my heart) cut out was inked with Amber Clay chalk ink (Cat's Eye) and stamped with the sentiment Thank You in Juniper Ink again, and also using the flowers and dotted circle from Friendship Blessings (Close to my heart). I used my slot punch (Stampin Up) and then wound some brown velvet ribbon thru it to adhere to the card.

And that my friends, is my card!


The best Blog Candy EVER

Holy MOLY! I've been reading Cammie's blog for some time and she's been in the works of some fabulous blog candy but i read her entry for today and her 1 blog candy prize is now valued at over $1000 dollars! You read that right! And it's for a fantastic cause!

Here's a quick little blip from her blog...

"So thank YOU! Because today is World Alzheimer’s Day, I wanted to do something special for another group of people who are affected by this disease---the caregivers. What began as a little idea----totally GREW! My hope was to get a few contributions from some stamping companies so that I would have a very cool prize to give away to one lucky winner who participated. AS you might have heard----the little prize turned into a GINORMOUS one! So many fabulous companies came forward and offered to contribute. I am so thankful to them."

But you really need to check out the whole entry. Here ya go for that...

Please please please check it out.

For my own card (and yes, i'm doing this challenge... not just for the fantabulous prizes that will be won by 1 lucky lucky lucky winner, but because my family has been affected by this disease. My grandmother-in-law has this. It started to affect her shortly after i met her for the first time, so i feel lucky and honored that i was able to get to know this wonderful woman before this disease struck her. However, it has saddened me in so many ways. She didnt even come to our wedding because she was afraid she'd have a spell and not remember who we were and dampen our day. I would have LOVED to have her there regardless of if she remembered me. But knowing how upset she'd be made me understand her decision.

So that is how it has personally affected me. Even if you've been lucky enough to escape having someone you know and love with this disease, please make a card. The prizes are outstanding and the mission is even more outstanding! Please please please check it out!


He's HERE!

>> Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Name: Gabriel Scott Cotton
Birthdate: September 14th, 2008
Weight: 9 lbs, 1 oz
Height: 21 inches

So something worked! After waiting a bit for those pesky contractions to help me out a bit, we headed to the hospital. I wanted to be sure i had time to register and all that. They were about 5 minutes apart and werent horrid, but not very comfy either. They said they would admit me and the doctor on call would come in to break my water. They went ahead and gave me an epidural since the contractions would get worse after the water breakage. And suddenly 4.5 hours later, i had a baby in my arms! It was crazy! With my first labor just so so harsh, i wasn't expecting much better. In comparison, this labor was a breeze. And my doctor (not my normal doctor) was PHENOMENAL! He was very attentive and immediately asked me questions about my tailbone when i mentioned it broke during my first delivery. And though i was told that i'd "be lucky if it didnt break", luck was on my side and it didnt! I really think this doctor being very attentive is why it didnt break. I wont go into all those gory details, but i was very pleased with my entire hospital team.

As for life adjustments... It still hasnt totally hit me that i have 2. My mom is in town for a bit so i definitely havent felt the stress of 2. Jack is wonderful with Gabe. He just LOVES to hold him, and kiss him. If you put Gabe in his lap he just sits so still and stairs down and him and kisses his head. it really is so adorable! The first time Jack came to visit Gabe and I in the hospital he exclaimed to me "That's my baby brother!" and he immediately asked if he could hold him. When i put Gabe i his arms he looked at him and quietly said in the cutest and quietest voice "Hi! I'm Jack!" It was really too precious for words. Of course when he's not holding the baby he's completely forgotten there is a baby around and returns to his crazy 2.5 year old self running around like a Jack Rabbit (i guess the pun is intended). But we'll work on that. haha.

So thats all i have for now. Of course i'd still like to work on some crafts and what not, but i'll need to get used to life. So i will be peeking in and maybe even have a card or 2 while my mom is still in town. We shall see!!!! :)



>> Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ok... 12 hours after i woke up with contractions... i'm still at home. No labor for me today. The contractions have continued, but just not at the 411 scenario. Argh. I took a walk today... for over an hour until my feet couldnt take it anymore. Plus it was just darn hot outside. After i got home i decided to make my hubby go to a chinese food run. He thought i was crazy, but agreed to make the trip. While he was out getting me some hopefully labor inducing food, i made this card for a friend. She is a SUPURB lady who is just the sweetest thing since hawaiian bread (which i ate an entire thing of yesterday, no joke). Her mom has recently gotten very ill and she's gone to see her. I'm extremely close to my mom and just cant imagine her being sick at all so i'm really feeling for my friend. Its one of those things i simply cant help with, but i wanted her to know i was thinking about her. So i made this card. It's simple (i'm having contractions mind you), and i'm only HOPING it makes her smile a little.

I used yam cardstock by Bazzill for my base. I love this color. And if you havent noticed lately, i'm a little in a fall state of mind. The other pieces of cardstock are simply scraps so i couldnt really tell you the colors and brands.
The main image is from one of the Figgy Pudding stamp sets by Basic Grey. So yes, it's a christmas stamp used in a fall fashion. I stamped the wreath on glossy cardstock (again, it was a scrappy do on my table, this would have worked with any cardstock) and rich cocoa memento ink. I then took stickles to color in my berries (which i did orange to be more fall than christmas). I colored my leaves with the only green stickles i had which was eucalyptus (i need to get another green i've decided as this one just didnt show enough) and then the bird i did with red stickles. All of my edges are inked with cats eye chalks (chestnut roan, amber clay, dark moss and maroon). My scallop border was made with Stampin Up's border punch.
The 2 brads in the corner are by Spare Parts. The sentiment stamp is one of the ones i picked up at the Stamp expo. It's by Savvy.

And there you have it kids. Now i'm off to get a 2nd plate of Kung Pao Chicken. Wish me luck!


today's the day?

Well... today may be the day. I've been having contractions since about 4 am but they've been nothing to get too excited over... just enough to not be able to sleep! I've have menstrual cramps worse than these and they arent often enough for me to go the the hospital yet. So why wake up the fam for us to all be groggy all day. *sigh* I tried sleeping but finally just got up at 6 (it's about 7:20 now). The worst thing is i cant even craft my contraction blues away! haha. My mom is here (Thank God) but my craft room is also my guest room so i cant just barg in and make a card or anything. :) I cant even get on my own computer - i snuck in my hubby's office to play online this morning since when the door is shut, not much sound comes in or out. So here i sit... timing out contractions... saying darn it just get closer together already! At least my kitty is keeping me company.

Ok, i suppose i dont have anything else to say or post... just bored mostly. haha.

Chat soon! Hopefully i'll have a baby by the time i post again!


Another day, baby-less

>> Saturday, September 13, 2008

So still no baby. My mom got into town last night... so today we made a couple returns and shopped at both toys r us and babies r us. My 2.5 year old was a DISASTER from being over tired so we went home after that and he fell asleep before we were out of the parking lot. So then i left mom and the boy at home and went out to do more errands! Mainly because i just wanted to walk this kid outta me! :) I picked up a few goodies and came home with VERY swollen ankles... but no contractions. *sigh* I went on a walk again tonight with our new double stroller. Walking hurt... but now i'm just sitting on the couch again. Grrrr. Can you feel my frustration!? Tomorrow is my due date. I went into labor on my due date with jack... what are the odds it'll happen again?

Ok - enough whining about still being preggo and onto my card...

This card was made for a challenge on splitcoast stampers to use a white gel pen in a way you usually dont. Here's my card...

I used the bird image from Growing in Unity (by Unity Stamp Co) The bird image has negative spaces to create polka dots which i just filled in with my white gel pen. I thought it really made the bird stand out. I also used my swiss dots folder by cuddlebug and inked the edges as well as brushing the ink pad over the embossed image to help those dots to stand out a bit. The ribbon is Papertrey ink twill ribbon in dark chocolate (LOVE that stuff) and then the flower is by Prima. Over all it's a simple card, would be easy to make duplicates of, but i also enjoyed the simplicity of it.

Thanks for stopping by!


>> Friday, September 12, 2008

So yesterday was the Unity Hip Hop. I've become addicted to the Unity Hip Hop! Seriously! Thursdays hit and i dont want to do anything else! haha. Yesterday i was good. I took Jack to school and then went to the dr (no fun news, just that baby could come anytime, and if he didnt come by monday night, i'd be going into the hospital at 5 am on tuesday!), ran some other errands and went home to get some stuff ready for the PO. Then picked jack up from school and took him to a playdate (i wanted him to be seriously sleepy!).

Then during jack's nap i played at the Hip Hop! I completed Unity's wednesday challenge which was a sketch challenge. Here is my card...

I loved the sketch. It was simple, but lent itself to a bit of elegance. And i was in a very fall mood! Maybe because for the first time in MONTHS it wasnt muggy and hot! Of course it was overcast and grey but hey, i'll take it! Ok, onto what i did for the card...

It's a 5.5x5.5 square base. I ran a strip of cardstock (i think it was SU's marigold) thru my cuddlebug and used chalk and distress ink to mark it all up. I used the SU border punch on a scrap of red red (and marked it up a bit with aged mahogony distress inks as well. It's hard to see, but it adds just that bit of extra depth. The image is where i really had fun. I'm still playing with this whole idea (it's similar to what i did on the unity butterfly card only with different inks). This time i used my distress reinkers (yep, gonna have to get more of those!!!) They stay wet much much longer and make the blending process much easier. I'm sure i'd get this effect with the alcohol inks as well but i havent tried it yet. Again i used a glossy coated paper to start and i stamped out my main image (the tree from Growing in Unity) in black versafine and then covered it with black embossing powder. NOTE: i discovered later that the black embossing powder was not really a good idea and you should probably use clear! I then used my reinkers on a plastic plate and a sponge dauber around my image. Distress colors i used were Straw, Marmelade and Mahogony. Since i recently learned that you can EMBOSS with the distress inks (i didnt know they were "sticky" enough) i decided to use UTEE (ultra thick embossing enamel) over the whole image. I'm simply not good with this stuff. I dont really get it. One of these days i'll have used it enough to truly get it. Anyhoo - i covered the entire piece of glossy cardstock with the UTEE and as i embossed it, my black embossing from underneath starts to run a bit. Woops. I might have scrapped that piece and tried again except for the running black made the tree look a little spooky and since i was using all halloween colors - i just rolled with it. So that was my card!

I did manage to work out another splitcoast challenge (that i used unity on!) a little later. But i may just have to save that card to post until tomorrow because somehow, i dont see myself getting to work on much else today other than prep for MY MOM to be here. Thank the Lord! :)


Some cutie pictures of my little guys

>> Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ok, so i may have gotten you a little too excited with that title! No, i havent had baby number 2 yet. But a friend of mine did take some pictures of my belly and Jack yesterday. I'm just so pleased with how they turned out! Here's a couple of them. She said she'll put some more up for me to see tonight. :) Yippie!

we also did a couple of just me but jack wasnt too pleased with the idea of not being in the photo. But he hopped on my lap and those pics turned out great too!

You can view more of jen's work at



Blog Candy Alert

>> Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A internet friend of mine (and FABULOUSO designer i must say!) has some terrific blog candy up on her blog today. Go check it out!


Unity Card and my Stamp Expo adventures

>> Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wow wow wow! So Friday i went to Eleanor's to pick up my curlz font i preordered for my Just Rite stamper. Of course i can NEVER walk out of there with just 1 thing. I got a fabulous stamps that reads "made by a mad crafter at midnight" How perfect, huh? I also found the perfect sentiment stamp by Verses Rubber Stamps. I have a couple of their stamps now and i've decided i really like their quality and their price isnt bad for their size. They are also very nicely mounted. Using a 40% coupon on them doesnt hurt either. :) Anyhoo - i found the perfect sentiment for a card i wanted to make for a friend who has been having a rough time lately.

I used my Unity stamps that also came in the mail on Friday. I decided to try a new technique and while i've definitely not good at it yet, the friend I made it for will appreciate it. I also tried unity's challenge of using the unity website colors (plus 1 color of our choice).
Here is my card...

What i did: First i took some glossy cardstock and stamped my butterfly image (from Unity Stamp Co) in versamark ink. I then sprinkled some clear embossing powder and heat set it with my heat gun. I used the swirl from Unity's Growing In Unity set and also used the embossing powder. Then i took a small sponge dauber and sponged Ocean ink (Close to My Heart) all around the butterfly's edge. I then used Breeze Ink (Close to My Heart) on the rest of the background and then went back with the Ocean to make sure it was blended a little better and also used the Ocean around the cardstock edge. I used the same sponging technique for the inside of the butterfly and used Blush and Baby Pink ink (Close to My Heart). I took a paper towel to wipe off any excess ink on the white to make the butterfly and swirl really pop. I used Chestnut Roan ink (Cat's Eye Chalk Ink) around the entire edge.
The sentiment as previously mentioned is by Verses Rubber Stamps. After adhering my glossy cardstock to my card (over Papertrey Ink twill ribbon in dark chocolate), i stamped the sentiment in versamark and then sprinkled brown embossing powder by Clear Tops over and heat set it. Last but not least, i used my Creative Memories precision point adhesive to draw out some lines on my butterfly and sprinkled some chunky clear glitter i picked up the other day at Hobby Lobby. I just wanted a little extra something when it was all said and done.
Flowers are by Prima Marketing and the brown brads are by Spare Parts.

And onto my day yesterday at the stamp expo! Oh how fun it was! I was planning on just driving until the jackster fell asleep in the car and then just cram as much as i could in while he catnapped in the stroller but my hubby said he'd come home from working so i could go solo! I guess he's just trying to be sweet since he knows soon i wont get to do much of these types of things! I saw a couple of new fun techniques and learned that you can emboss with the distress inks. Lovely. I have 6 of them already, but now i'm going to have to start buying them more and more. I bought some of their reinkers and a cut n dry felt pad to try out their technique. Maybe i'll try that out this week if i dont go into labor. hehe.

Other than that my purchases were pretty random. Lots of unmounted stuff everywhere! I got 3 or 4 good quotes that i think will be great to have (that were only 2.75 a piece!!!!) I also got some simple sentiments (Best Wishes, Thank You, etc) that were already mounted on easy mount for a buck a piece. I also picked up some fab colors of embossing powder from a company called Sparkle N Sprinkle. I cant wait to try them out! They had so many colors! It was hard to only pick a few! I got 2 stamp sets from a company called Movable Parts. Both sets are to make "fluffy dogs". OMG - they are so stinkin' cute! I need to practice with them a bit first before i create anything for the blog world to see, but they will be lots and lots of fun! Oh - i picked up some savvy stamps as well! I really like their quality and the booth had them 40% off! They are typically very small, so i think of them as overpriced for their size, but at 40% off, i picked myself up a few.

Now of course i dont have a clue when i plan to find time to use my new goodies. Especially the ones that will take a little learning and know-how. But it was lots of fun to walk and shop! :) If i had a dollar for every person who asked me when i was due, i would have shopped for free though! :)

And then today was my baby shower! I got lots of cute cards from my crafty friends. I'm too pooped today, but i will take a pic of them all tomorrow and put them in a post. For now, i think i'm just going to collapse in bed after my very busy weekend! :)


Stationary, photo and card box

>> Friday, September 5, 2008

I've had a LOT of requests of where i got the template for the box. Well, i drew myself out a sketch and went with it. I'll try to work up some kind of tutorial for it and put it on my blog! Thanks for all the inquiries!!!!

Today i plan to go to some scrappin' parties (there is a big festival in town this weekend for stampers) and a lot of local stores are celebrating with sales and give aways. Maybe if i'm super lucky, i'll be able to go to the festival itself tomorrow sans kiddo! But my baby shower is on Sunday so i dont know that i'll have saturday "off" as well. That being sad - there will be no nap time stamping creations today (not that my kiddo has been napping lately, he's been destroying, er "cleaning" the house) But instead i plan on heading out to one of the crafty stores just at naptime so that he falls asleep on the way! I"m just sneaky like that.

But i will post the goodies i get, and maybe i'll get to create something wonderful at one of the stores! :) If i'm lucky!!!


UNITY challenge

>> Thursday, September 4, 2008

WHAT A DAY I'VE HAD! Seriously... my kid is still alive, so there is something to be said about my will power, thats for sure! Just over all, my kid had been a stinker. I thought he was going to finally conk out on the couch as he will if i leave him alone for a bit. he was already sleepy from not sleeping well.

Ok, here's you're warning... if you dont care about my ordeal of the day, just scroll down to the picture... this could take a minute to explain!

After a bit i peeked in to check and what did i find? My living room covered in bath and body works hand soap! ARGH! That stuff is thick too and did not want to come out of the couch. So i stripped everything off the couch and threw it in the washer. I've never washed the covers of my couch cushions (aside from with the hand steam cleaner. I had no idea what would happen. Luckily they still fit (and now smell good and are nice and soft). The carpet was a little more labor intensive. I had to again use the hand steamer and soak down the carpet, suck it, wet it down, suck it up, etc trying to get all the soap out. The water that came out... not pretty. And man was i pooped after. Then i look over, yep, all over the tv. *sigh* So i get that cleaned off but then noticed something was up with the TV. Then i broke down! Jack came over and said "don't worry mama, it's ok. I give you a hug." Then he comes over and gives me one of those holding hugs and pats my back and says "it's ok, it's ok, daddy be home soon". So is being so cute a mechanism God put in them so you don't kill them?? I figure out the TV (when in doubt push the auto conversion button)

Then my husband gets home. He's sweet and sees that i've had a rough day and says he'll try to get jack to chill with him in the bedroom so i can have some me time. AHHHHHH.

So i try to join back in to the Hip Hop at Unity - (every thursday there is a hip hop at the unity thread found here ) There is a challenge to do a polka dot card. Fun! I decide to participate. But just as i stamp my background, i decide maybe i'll order dinner cause there is no way i'm cookin tonight! I go downstairs to ask DH what he'd like. What do I find??? Him passed out on the bed and jack in the kitchen spraying windex EVERYWHERE! So i clean that up and take the windex away sending my child into a tantrum crying to daddy that mama took it! I'm always the bad guy. So i get that cleaned up and go back to ordering food. I glance in the kitchen and he's drawn all over his leg and on the wall with marker. I SCREAMED because at this point i had no cool left. Daddy took this as a clue to get the heck out of bed. Jack took it as a clue that mama had lost it. So he went upstairs for a bit and DH finished ordering food. I went back upstairs. Now i had about 15 minutes to finish my card for this timed challenge. SERIOUSLY! Ok, so it didnt matter if i won because i owned the stamp set they were giving away. but it was the principle of the matter! So i quickly stamped out the sentiment, cut it out, inked the edges and adhered it to my card with another misc piece of cardstock. Grabbed some buttons and glue dotted them on. By the time i had loaded the card onto my computer, and then onto splitcoast, i was about 5 minutes late. Like i said... i didnt need to win, i just wanted to finish. Considering my experiences of the day and ordeal during the time i had to make the card... i thought it was actually kind of a cute card.

So i decided it was worth posting on my blog - mainly because i needed to vent about my day. haha. BUT daddy has errands to run tonight and said if we wanted to come along we could. Then he must have known by the look on my face to say, or Jack can ride along and you can stay home alone. Much better. So i'll get to try to win again at the hip hop tonight! it runs til mighnight so come join me!

OK, and here's the card!

The cardstock is So Saffron from Stampin Up and Brown from Hobby Lobby and Colonial White from Close To My Heart.
The background was stamped with Distressed Dots from Unity. I inked it up using Brown Bag (from CTMH). I hadnt used it before and boy am i pleased with the color! It's much more orange than i thought it was going to be, but i love it! After inking up the whole background with brown bag i took my classic spot from SU in chocolate chip and just dabbed along the outside a little at random. I think chalk inked the rest of the card (SHOCKER!).
The sentiment stamp is also from Unity called Be The Change. Their sentiment stamps are just awesome! Much larger than you'd think and cost 4 bucks. Cant beat it!
I then needed SOMETHING else for the card, so i whipped out some buttons at random. And Viola, my card. Total time, less than 10 minutes thats for sure. hahaha.

Thanks for stopping by today! I'm back off to the hop!



Hey ladies! Thanks for all your wonderful wonderful compliments. I've decided anytime you're having a bad day you just need to put up some blog candy and ask people what they like about your blog. It's sure to raise your spirits! I wasnt having a bad day or anything, but man did those comments make me feel good. :)

I used to pick a winner and it is.... Number 19

Ann of Creative Antics.
ann said...
"I love your color combos. :D"

And Bonus - good karma - what comes around goes around! I was peeking into Ann's blog last night and she has some of her own blog candy up! So go see what her fabulous Fall blog candy is all about!!!!

I think the most "common" comment about my blog was on my coloring and the mentioning how my makeup artistry must come into play. That makes me so happy. Thank you so much! I truly do miss the amount of makeup artistry i used to do (every day, sometimes 12 hours a day!) and the creativity i got to do with it. Somehow brides and commericals and politicians dont want me to use teal and orange eyeshadow mixed together... go figure. hahaha. So i've poured thse extra juices into crafting which i really only picked up since i made my move from Los Angeles to South Carolina. So thank you everyone for noticing!!!!!!!

I'm off now to take my youngster to school. Maybe while he's in school i can work on a project - i should clean yes. I may shop we shall see. Hehe. I'll let ya know how it turns out!


Super Challenge Entry

>> Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So i went to the doctor today - with Jack at 11 am because the office called to ask if i could bump my appt to earlier. This was not a fun trip. I was there for an hour and a half with a 2 year old! Not my idea of fun! Afterwords my kid was so hopped up on sugar from the treats i was giving him in hopes to keep him happy and quiet while we were there i thought i might have to lock him in his room!

Luckily he did finally crash and take a little nap. But seeing as the doctor had to put me on a heart monitor (baby's heart, not mine) to monitor if i was having any contractions, etc. I thought... well, i might as well get all of my challenges done in one fell swoop today while the jackster was napping! Thats when i came up with this baby! And i'm going to post it today instead of tomorrow because i want to get one last entry for the just rite challenge which i believe is over today.

So here is my Just Rite Bella Babe Rak! Gotta love when you can combo it all! :)

The Just Rite Challenge as you've already seen on my blog a few times in the past few days is from the Just Rite Stampers Blog. It includes anything you can think of using the Just Rite stamps! Possibilities are endless (if you have all their stamps!) i'm limited to the special occasions set and the special borders. This WILL be remedied as soon as one of my local stores gets some more of these babies in stock! I'm picking up the curlz font on friday!

The Bella Babe challenge was to simply use a bella and the colors lime green and pink.

So combo-ed the 2 to create this book mark! I used the From the Library Of border from Just Rite and Bookwormabella along with Simple Delights stamp set from Stampin Up. Cardstock is from PaperTrey Ink (spring moss and Berry Sorbet) and the ribbons are also from PaperTrey Ink.

OH - i almost forgot my third challenge! In my local scrapbooking and stamping group we have an ongoing RAK (random act of kindness) I was RAK'ed from the super fabulous Rachel of Stamp Happy so it was my turn to pass along a RAK myself. There is a another wonderful lady in my online group named Evelyn. She has always been so supportive of my endeavor's stamping and has taken my classes at the local stores so i wanted to create something for her. So i made this bookmark with her Monogram and plan to send it to her in the mail tomorrow. :)

So that was my super challenge for the day! Woohoo! I feel so accomplished!


Just Rite Entry for Wednesday!

Here's my Just Rite challenge entry for today!

It's a combo holder for my mom. I thought about giving it to her for her birthday (which is in the end of October, but it's always nice to be ahead of the game!) But she's coming to stay with me for a few weeks after the baby is born and it may just be a thank you gift! I'll owe her many thank you gifts, i'm sure!

The holder is created out of an 8.5x11 sheet of paper and i stamped the design using Baroque Motifs from Stampin Up. My mom LOVES red and Cream so those were my main colors. The Just Rite Monogram stamp in Special Occasions i stamped on Real Red cardstock with Versamark and then used Ranger Puffs embossing powder in white. This embossing powder is perfect because it isnt a true white so it matched my Colonial White cardstock perfectly! It also gives a great texture to the monogram itself.
The cards inside are made from Real Red cardstock with the same baroque stamp, only this time it was stamped in versamark and heat embossed with the same White Puffs cardstock. This time i left off the border from the monogram stamp and punched out the monogram with my 1 3/8ths punch and then layered a scalloped circle behind it with some chocolate grosgrain ribbon.

And now, only the box itself...

I used a pretty red satin ribbon that wraps itself all the way around the box. Under the monogram, i used bazzill magentic discs to keep the box nicely closed. But a simple lift of the ribbon and the magnets come "unstuck". These are great magnets as they dont take a ton of force to unclasp from each other so you're not tugging on your creation!
The box is slightly larger than just holding cards because my mom is a crazy picture lady! She always keeps double prints of photos nearby to pass along to other people who want a copy and her office is just covered in family photos! And quite often, people DO want a copy of pictures of her grandson (soon to be grandsons!) so i thought after she's used her cards, this would perfectly sit on her desk with her extra photos instead of the paper envie they come in from the photo place!

Thanks for stopping by again! Please feel free to leave a comment or question!


a little more blog candy

But this time it's not mine. But hey - it's 2 different companies with phenomenal blog candy up for grabs! If you win and i dont, you have to share though. hehe.

First we have...
Starving Artist - is one of my favorite new companies. I just love their quirky designs. They have 4, count them 4, new halloween sets coming out! Each of them fantastically cute! And they are giving away 3 (one is a combo of 2 sets) to 3 lucky winners. Oh how i hope i win this time. hehe. Here's a peekie poo at the sets...

And then we have Paper Imagery Designs.

This was a new blog i was directed to today, but it looks like one i'll definitely be keeping my eyes on! It's more halloween candy and all you gotta do is leave a comment on their blog, but i wanted to share what all ya get as well. Plus if you post it in your blog and you do win, they sweeten the deal by adding this super cool stamp set by Tim Holtz. Gotta love that.

So if you want to win.... go to Paper Imagery Designs

And if you dont want to win... wish me luck because i do! :)


another just rite submission

>> Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ok ok ok, i'll stop with the posts today... at some point. haha. You know i could save them for the days i cant post anything. But i was too excited with how this card turned out. :) And it is my second submission for the just rite stampers challenge. There is only 2 days left and i'm trying to make up for lost time!

I was really pleased with how it turned out. I used PaperTrey's Out on a Limb (revised version). Now if you havent heard me rant and rave about papertrey in the past... i LOVE papertrey! I love how they break up the stamps (and they are clear) so you can easily layer them. For example with this card... the branch and the leaves are 2 separate stamps. And there are lots of different leaf sets (some floral, some berries, some leaves, etc) so there is a LOT you can make with it.

To get the effect of "turning leaves" i used my bazzinks and just dotted the various colors of inks i was using (hint go lightest color to darkest to avoid staining your inks). For my moon i "over inked" my stamp. Thats just a me term. When i "over ink" a stamp it just means to get it nice and juiced up. Then when you stamp it out, use a slight rocking motion that makes some of the ink puddle to the other side of the stamp. When your done with the rock, that extra puddle of ink will appear slightly darker creating a nice shadow effect.

Then i added my Just Rite Monogram stamp with the border From the Desk Of. I'm telling you, the Just Rite stamps make it so easy! I cant wait to get more! )

All paper used on this card is by Bazzill except for the off white i stamped my images on which is Colonial White by Close to My Heart.
The inks are Bazzinks to match the bazzill cardstock. But my edges were inked with cat's eye chalk inks (once again... i know i use them alot. :) )

I was so pleased with how this overall card designed i decided to make a quick one for a friend of mine. Her family was recently in a very bad car accident and luckily, they all survived, though they did have to go to the hospital to get checked out. She was not in the car. They were coming home from their vacation at the Lake and she was trailing them a bit behind. She though a semi had overturned so she stopped her car so she'd be able to call for assistance. Imagine her horror when she discovered it was her family and their trailer that had overturned! Perhaps the sad thing at this point, is they had 2 dogs in the accident that got away but are still unfound. Please pray for her family!

So i made the same card only i did not use the monogram stamp. The sentiment that everyday is a blessing was much more appropriate than my From the Desk of image! I modified the card a bit just so it would be a little different.

Thanks again for stopping by! :)


Just Rite Stamps!

I finally get to enter the Just Rite Challenge! Phew! I've been dying to ever since i picked up my first just rite stamp last week (and of course they just had 1 so i'm still a little limited on what i can create - i cant wait to get the small letters - they are so cool!

So after dropping Jack off at preschool for his first day this morning, i got to come home and make this!

Now it is a simple card to the eye - but i didnt want to take too much away from the monogram! I used Close to Cocoa (SU) as my cardstock base. It was stamped with a Leaf Print by Martha Stewart with Close to Cocoa craft ink and then heat embossed with clear powder. My Monogram was also stamped with the craft ink and heat embossed but on Colonial White (CTMH) paper. The monogram was then layered over some Real Red paper that i tore the edge of for just a smidge more texture. All of my edges were chalk inked using Chestnut Roan Cat's Eye Chalk Ink.

If you dont have any of these wonderous stamps yet - check out my other post from today and see in my blog candy that i will stamp some of these babies out for you!

And then you can enter the Just Rite Challenge yourself! Go check it out at



Ok, as promised, my blog hit 5000 hits at the end of last week - so here is some blog candy for my loyal readers!!!

Included in this BLOG CANDY LOT is...
1 spool of pink ribbon from michael's - value $2
2 chalk inks in complementing colors Peach Pastel and Amber Clay - value $4
Me and My Big Ideas Photo Sleeves - value $5
2 packs of target's dollar stamps - value $2
Misc Embellie case with primas, brads and ribbon - value $3
Tailored Tabs - value $3
a bunch of stamped out Bellas for my SISTAHS
and a set of stamped out monograms from Just Rite Stampers (just give me your monogram)

Total value about $20 bucks!

What do you have to do to receive the loot? Simply reply to this post and let me know why you like my blog! If you're a first time visitor i hope it's not your last!

Thanks everyone for making my first blogging experience a success!


Bellas!!! And feeling accomplished!

>> Monday, September 1, 2008

Holy Moly was that a task today!!! I joined a swap that i was dying to join (and probably never really should have!) It was in my bellaholicsanonymous group. And the swap is to create a calendar for 2009. I've seen the past calendars and they are always fab, so i wanted in on the 2009 calendar. It seemed so easy. we choose/are assigned 3 months, and then you make 4 pages of that same month - so you make 12 pages in all.

WELL - it was a bit more time consuming that i thought it would be. ACK! I'm tired just thinking about all the coloring and work i did today. I had to break it up and doing bit by bit - and somehow my child fell asleep at 7 (though he's awake now and has his first day of preschool tomorrow - oh this will be a joy to wake him up in the morning!) but i did get them all done.

And now i can take them to the post office in the morning and know they are finished and that i dont have any other project with a due date (other than the due dates i give myself) until after this baby is born! WHEW!

So here are my calendar pages!

This is my April page. I found this sentiment stamp at Hobby Lobby one day, and just HAD to get it. It's by Inkadinkado. It is completely my mode of thinking when it comes to cleaning. I actually ordered Bellabustah just to match the sentiment! The background patterened paper is American Crafts. Nice and thick... love it! All of the cardstock on this one is Stampin Up.

Next we have i-wish-i-looked-so-good-on-a-bike-a-bella. Ok, so her name is a mouthful, but it's oh so true. I just love this bella. She looks so carefree and happy. And i thought it was perfect for the month of June when it just starts to really get warm and it's sunny and beautiful all the time. Plus June is my birthday month and ya gotta love that! Background cardstock is Bazzill and the patterned paper/cardstock is by American Crafts (LOVE their patterned paper. it's just as thick as cardstock, and always double sided. The pink cardstock backing Miss bella herself is Sweet Blush by PTI.

And last but not least we have the huggybellas. August is Nation Friendship Month more specifically with National Friendship Day being the first sunday in August. Did you know that? Did you miss it this year. Woops. But it's a great excuse to send a card to a friend. My background cardstock is Stampin Up. My patterned paper (which you cant tell by the photo but it's satin-ie and lush with epoxy and glitter covering spots) is by Heidi Grace Designs. My fav part of this one is hard to gather by the photo, but the bellas are mounted on a hinge that flips up so the idea is that you can put a photo of you and your own best gal pal on the underside. I've also added some stickles around the holiday itself just so you're sure not to miss it.

All of the bellas were colored with Copic markers on georgia pacific cardstock using memento ink - just if you were curious.


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