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>> Monday, September 22, 2008

Holy MOLY! I've been reading Cammie's blog for some time and she's been in the works of some fabulous blog candy but i read her entry for today and her 1 blog candy prize is now valued at over $1000 dollars! You read that right! And it's for a fantastic cause!

Here's a quick little blip from her blog...

"So thank YOU! Because today is World Alzheimer’s Day, I wanted to do something special for another group of people who are affected by this disease---the caregivers. What began as a little idea----totally GREW! My hope was to get a few contributions from some stamping companies so that I would have a very cool prize to give away to one lucky winner who participated. AS you might have heard----the little prize turned into a GINORMOUS one! So many fabulous companies came forward and offered to contribute. I am so thankful to them."

But you really need to check out the whole entry. Here ya go for that...

Please please please check it out.

For my own card (and yes, i'm doing this challenge... not just for the fantabulous prizes that will be won by 1 lucky lucky lucky winner, but because my family has been affected by this disease. My grandmother-in-law has this. It started to affect her shortly after i met her for the first time, so i feel lucky and honored that i was able to get to know this wonderful woman before this disease struck her. However, it has saddened me in so many ways. She didnt even come to our wedding because she was afraid she'd have a spell and not remember who we were and dampen our day. I would have LOVED to have her there regardless of if she remembered me. But knowing how upset she'd be made me understand her decision.

So that is how it has personally affected me. Even if you've been lucky enough to escape having someone you know and love with this disease, please make a card. The prizes are outstanding and the mission is even more outstanding! Please please please check it out!


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