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>> Thursday, September 4, 2008

WHAT A DAY I'VE HAD! Seriously... my kid is still alive, so there is something to be said about my will power, thats for sure! Just over all, my kid had been a stinker. I thought he was going to finally conk out on the couch as he will if i leave him alone for a bit. he was already sleepy from not sleeping well.

Ok, here's you're warning... if you dont care about my ordeal of the day, just scroll down to the picture... this could take a minute to explain!

After a bit i peeked in to check and what did i find? My living room covered in bath and body works hand soap! ARGH! That stuff is thick too and did not want to come out of the couch. So i stripped everything off the couch and threw it in the washer. I've never washed the covers of my couch cushions (aside from with the hand steam cleaner. I had no idea what would happen. Luckily they still fit (and now smell good and are nice and soft). The carpet was a little more labor intensive. I had to again use the hand steamer and soak down the carpet, suck it, wet it down, suck it up, etc trying to get all the soap out. The water that came out... not pretty. And man was i pooped after. Then i look over, yep, all over the tv. *sigh* So i get that cleaned off but then noticed something was up with the TV. Then i broke down! Jack came over and said "don't worry mama, it's ok. I give you a hug." Then he comes over and gives me one of those holding hugs and pats my back and says "it's ok, it's ok, daddy be home soon". So is being so cute a mechanism God put in them so you don't kill them?? I figure out the TV (when in doubt push the auto conversion button)

Then my husband gets home. He's sweet and sees that i've had a rough day and says he'll try to get jack to chill with him in the bedroom so i can have some me time. AHHHHHH.

So i try to join back in to the Hip Hop at Unity - (every thursday there is a hip hop at the unity thread found here ) There is a challenge to do a polka dot card. Fun! I decide to participate. But just as i stamp my background, i decide maybe i'll order dinner cause there is no way i'm cookin tonight! I go downstairs to ask DH what he'd like. What do I find??? Him passed out on the bed and jack in the kitchen spraying windex EVERYWHERE! So i clean that up and take the windex away sending my child into a tantrum crying to daddy that mama took it! I'm always the bad guy. So i get that cleaned up and go back to ordering food. I glance in the kitchen and he's drawn all over his leg and on the wall with marker. I SCREAMED because at this point i had no cool left. Daddy took this as a clue to get the heck out of bed. Jack took it as a clue that mama had lost it. So he went upstairs for a bit and DH finished ordering food. I went back upstairs. Now i had about 15 minutes to finish my card for this timed challenge. SERIOUSLY! Ok, so it didnt matter if i won because i owned the stamp set they were giving away. but it was the principle of the matter! So i quickly stamped out the sentiment, cut it out, inked the edges and adhered it to my card with another misc piece of cardstock. Grabbed some buttons and glue dotted them on. By the time i had loaded the card onto my computer, and then onto splitcoast, i was about 5 minutes late. Like i said... i didnt need to win, i just wanted to finish. Considering my experiences of the day and ordeal during the time i had to make the card... i thought it was actually kind of a cute card.

So i decided it was worth posting on my blog - mainly because i needed to vent about my day. haha. BUT daddy has errands to run tonight and said if we wanted to come along we could. Then he must have known by the look on my face to say, or Jack can ride along and you can stay home alone. Much better. So i'll get to try to win again at the hip hop tonight! it runs til mighnight so come join me!

OK, and here's the card!

The cardstock is So Saffron from Stampin Up and Brown from Hobby Lobby and Colonial White from Close To My Heart.
The background was stamped with Distressed Dots from Unity. I inked it up using Brown Bag (from CTMH). I hadnt used it before and boy am i pleased with the color! It's much more orange than i thought it was going to be, but i love it! After inking up the whole background with brown bag i took my classic spot from SU in chocolate chip and just dabbed along the outside a little at random. I think chalk inked the rest of the card (SHOCKER!).
The sentiment stamp is also from Unity called Be The Change. Their sentiment stamps are just awesome! Much larger than you'd think and cost 4 bucks. Cant beat it!
I then needed SOMETHING else for the card, so i whipped out some buttons at random. And Viola, my card. Total time, less than 10 minutes thats for sure. hahaha.

Thanks for stopping by today! I'm back off to the hop!


Anonymous,  Friday, September 05, 2008  

Woohoo! I am leaving the first comment.

I am so sorry that you had such a rough day! I know those feelings, I had one with my son too yesterday and it topped off with my son taking his hands out of his car seat shoulder belt and rolling down the window and sticking out of it!

Thank goodness I work my second job on Saturday and grandma has him lol.

I love the card though.. everything looks just so perfect.

Hope you have a better day today.


Ali Saturday, September 06, 2008  

Hi there, I just found your blog through Adela and even though I haven't looked around yet I had to comment on your ordeal:) I feel your pain! 1, you are lucky there is only one of him....2, I think all hubbys are the same (they take child(ren)off your hands then knock out cold but at least he finished ordering dinner-so sweet! 3, you have inspired me to be more patient with my three little ones. And your card was very cute:) Gonna go take a looksie around your blog now. Take care.

Ann Saturday, September 06, 2008  

This is SO cute! Sorry you had such a rotten day, but at least your card turned out great. ;)

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