Scratching the itch with a CC Designs Card and Project

>> Tuesday, October 21, 2008

PHEW! My sister left town yesterday. :*( It was a LOT of fun having her here. She was a tremendous help around the house, and with Jack. But we also wanted to do a lot of fun things. Thursday we picked Jack up from school and then i took a nap! It was glorious. But i really did it on the wrong day because boy was i beat by the time time her visit was over. haha. Friday we ran errands but also got cookie dough and frosting (and a movie) and she and Jack made cookies while i did something, i cant remember what now! Saturday we went to Chuck E Cheese. Sunday we went to Niven's Apple Tree Farm and monday we just kinda hung out until it was time to go to the airport.

I didnt craft at all. I did play online and look at blogs, got my blog redone, etc. But let me tell you - i've really been in the mood to get crafty! I've got so many projects i want to work on. Stamps i want to use. Cards i want to make. They have been running thru my head like CRAZY this weekend.

So finally today i got to scratch the itch a bit. I cleaned a bit and did a LITTLE bit of reorganizing and then i got to work on a card and small gift for a couple at my church that just had a baby. Here is the picture before i dive into the details...

I was very pleased with how it turned out. Of course it's hard to not love these images from CC Designs available from All That Scraps. I just recently got this set called Rubber Ducky. I'm so in love with it! I knew right away when my friend from church had her baby that i just HAD to do something with this set.

My sister had brought these little tins that had posable animal stick figured in them for Jack. So i snagged the tins and repurposed them. Then I played with my other fun hobby, soap & beauty making! I actually had wanted to create my own line of beauty and bath products while living in LA but then i decided to have kids instead. haha. But i'm still "into" making my own bath products. Its terrific to do for babies because you use pure ingredients without all of the additives that are harsh for their so soft and delicate skin! 1 tin i made some "bum balm", 1 tin i made baby body butter, and then the 3rd tin i made some Baby Bath Soak. I used a circle punch to make some labels for the bottom of the tins. :)
The tops of the tins i used some left over papers from my card with Stampin Up's scallop circle and 1 3/8th punch. I also tried something a little new (for me). i stamped my rubber ducky onto the colored cardstock and color him with copics. I figured since it was yellow coloring on yellow it shouldnt be too bad. I like the affect. The duck doesnt stand out so brightly like it would on white which was nice to me.
Here's a closer look at the tins.

You can see that i put the tins in a little "tub" that i found a bit back at the dollar section at target. I LOVE that section! I buy stuff there all the time and it goes in my "to alter" chest which is actually quite large and perhaps a little sad that it's FULL! and I have another box of things in the closet! I know, get to altering already! :) Underneath the tins are some coiled up baby washcloths. I couldnt find a little plastic bottle around my house (i have MILLIONS from decanting makeup supplies, but they have disappeared! So once i find them, i'll fill it up with some grapeseed oil. Grapeseed oil is extremely close to the property of your skin (as is jojoba oil, but thats a wee bit thicker and also pricier). Grapeseed oil is much better for baby skin than just baby oil which is really a mineral oil. (More info than you may want to know, but i cant help it, it's the makeup gal in me... the molecules in mineral oil are actually larger than your skin cells. So it just sits on top of your skin. Grapeseed oil will actually absorb into your baby's skin protecting it, keeping it soft, etc). And it's fantastic to do little baby massage rub downs. Most babies love massages and it's a great way to have a quiet moment with your wee one. :)

Ok, thats all for today! everyone is sleeping in my house right now crashed out on the couch. I'm in debate of sneaking away to craft (what i want to do) or hitting the hay myself (what i neeeeeed to do). We shall see. :)


maddy hill Wednesday, October 22, 2008  

Those tins are ace ! I have just bought a HUGE tin myself , srnt they fab for altering ?
You have done a lovely make on yours !

Jenn Wednesday, October 22, 2008  

That's so fun! Great job!!

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