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>> Monday, November 17, 2008

Ok - so you all (or at least most of you that read my blog) know that i'm a makeup artist by profession and paper crafting is just my hobby. (Hence the title of my blog!)
Often i've worked on the weekends so come monday i dont have much to post. Therefore, i'm making monday - Makeup Monday. I'll share something "makeup-ie". Dont worry, if i have something crafty to post... i will. :)

This weekend i did a highschool beauty pageant. fun, huh? haha. It went fine. She didnt win to my knowledge. I didnt stay till the bitter end. haha. But in light of the pageant... i'm going to give a hair tip today...
If you like rollers (i actually do NOT like rollers, but to each their own). The gal had put her hair in rollers and taken them out before she got their (they had to interview right away and like i said before, i was there to help during changes because i know her family, not because i was being hired to get her ready). But some people dont know how to roll hair. Many people dont know how to roll hair! SO - here's my hair rolling tip... do not follow your part. Your hair will be flat as a pancake on top. You need a row of rollers that starts by your forhead and goes straight back. If you want a part in there, you can create the part after you take the rollers out.

Ok, so thats my hair tip. haha. Often i'll have pictures, but not today because i dont own rollers anymore. :)

Ok, i actually do have a card to post from saturday... so i'll get that up here in a bit. :)


Lindsay Spencer Monday, November 17, 2008  

Thanks for the tip. Now, can you just make my hair grow long and fabulous so I can use rollers?

Beth Monday, November 17, 2008  

NO fun! I wanted to see a pic of you in rollers.


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