Makeup Monday... on tuesday... oops

>> Tuesday, November 25, 2008

SO i missed Makeup Monday. OOPS! That would have been the easiest thing for me to post yesterday, and i forgot. Sheesh.

Thank you so much for all the well wishes i got thru email and thru comments. I'm feeling MUCH better. My fever has gone away and the massive body aches have stopped. Even the tatas are going back to normal. Whew. Now lets just hope i dont get it again (i had it 6 times with my first child!)

I had every intention in the world to do a smokey eye tutorial using pictures or video for this weeks Makeup Monday but my whole world sort of stopped when i got the mastitis so i didnt get it filmed this weekend. Can you imagine me trying to create a smokey eye on myself with a fever of 102.3? haha. That could have been humorous!

But i still think i'll try to do one today. One you say? Yes, because there are numerous ways to do smokey eyes. Considering i have my child's thanksgiving feast to attend today at school and i dont want to look like the hooker mom, i'm going to do a basic daywear smokey eye. One that you wont feel like you're going to go stand on the street corner with. :) Bonus, if you are wanting to wear the look into the night, you'll just have to add a little extra to it and it'll be good to go. :)

So first i'm going to start with some basic knowledge of smokey eyes...

1. You can go light or dark with a smoky eye. Many people go too dark for their comfort zone, which is why they either dont think they can wear the smoky eye look, or they dont think they are able to do it. I assure you, you can!

2. Smoky eye's dont have to be black! Black is a drastic color. So if you dont wear black eyeliner on a daily basis, dont try your first smoky eye with black either. A grey smokey eye is just has hot. OR try a brown smokey eye! using a bronze as your smoke color really makes blues eyes in particular stand out. A deep plum is also beautiful. Or if you are really ballsy - go with a brighter hue. If you want your eyes to stand out, go with their complimentary color. COme gals, you're crafters, you know what complimentary colors are. Blue - Orange, yada yada. Dont want to wear orange? Go copper or as i said before, BRONZE!

3. If you are wearing a smoky eye look, especially a more dark one, you do not need much other makeup. let the focus be on your eyes. Simple base, pretty blush and a lighter lip tone or just lip gloss will do the trick.

Ok... i'm off to work on the tutorial. I'll post that a little later. :)


Ashley Tuesday, November 25, 2008  

Glad you are feeling better! I can't wait to see the tutorial!

Shaela Tuesday, November 25, 2008  

I'm so glad you're feeling better - and I can't wait to see more of this "smokey eye" stuff: my eyes are my best facial feature and the only thing I ever really "do" anything with, so it will be fun! If you get it posted in time I might have a surprise for my DH when he gets home, hehehe :)

Ami Wednesday, November 26, 2008  

Oh wow I loved the tutorial. I had no clue that when I blew on my brush I was putting bacteria on it. Now I'm freaking and have to get a new brush LOLLLL. I really liked this tutorial!

Jami {sgtStamper} Thursday, November 27, 2008  

Oh, you crack me up. I just wear the same color shadow and change my contact lens colors!! LOL!!

hugs, Jami

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