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>> Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Somewhere is the crazy design team call of so many companies - i lost my mojo! I havent crafted anything in a few days. The sad thing is i lost my mojo so much that i havent posted anything and i even have projects ready to post! I wont go into why i lost my mojo because the intention is not to get people to blow smoke up my booty so to speak.

I am hoping for my mojo to return since there are some fun things happening in the next few days in the world of paper crafting!

Today is WUW or What's Up Wednesday with My Favorite Things which you can read about here. This is a relatively new things with MFT. There are a couple of fun challenges that just maybe, if my mojo returns, i'll do today. But in honor of WUW, i wanted to post my card i did for the December Guest Designer challenge. You should check out the winners - their cards are really fab.

And here's mine...

The Challenge was to watercolor on a card. There are SO MANY ways to watercolor. I decided i wanted to try a new technique to me, but one of the oldest to watercoloring! I used watercolor pencils and a technique i read off of Christi Snow's blog Altered Ambitions about a week ago. I do own watercolor pencils... so i figured this would be fun! But i'm a marker girl so it was a little bit of a challenge. I opted to NOT color in one of my Who's That Girls. Mainly because i couldnt find one of my stamp sets! More on that later! But then i got to thinking... and i wanted to try to shade something that would be really different for me. So i pulled out my Boho Blossoms set (it needed some love anyway) and got to coloring. I first stamps out a few images on different papers because to be quite honest, i had no idea what i was doing! And then i got to coloring. When i finally decided i found something i liked (which wasnt on watercolor paper because i couldnt even find that to try it out... more on that later) i then stamped out a few more so i could practice with some different color options. I didnt even know what these pencils would look like once water touched them! So then i decided to go with just 1 lonely shade. haha. I'm so used to blended multiple colors to get the shading effect i wanted. I was pleasantly surprised that i could get the shading effect i wanted with just 1 pencil. Here's a closer look at the flower itself...

It's not a super close up photo, but you can see it a little better. I basically just outlined the spots i wanted to appear darkest. Then i used my h20 pen to drag the color thru the rest of the flower. And i did it on just plain ol georgia pacific paper. Now if i had wanted to do a lot of watercoloring it wouldnt have worked. the paper would have gotten very warped. But for this, it worked fine. I did try to use GP for my background and shade around the edges using a different watercoloring technique (using the ink from my ink pads and my h20 brush) but the water started falling apart and warping. SO i decided, well that was a fun idea, but it's not happening! So i altered my overall card design. It was an easy card to put together, and i think it's pretty. I might just start watercoloring a little more! Now if i could just figure out how to use my prismacolor pencils and gamsol! haha.

Ok, so if you are just interested in the creations... this is the time where you hop on along to someone elses blog. Because now i'm going to get at all the "more on that later" stuff. As i was trying to create this card - i was about to give up before i even got started! I couldnt find the stamp set i wanted. anywhere! I've only used it 1 time and i got it in september. So how did i lose it? I still havent found it y the way. But as i searched, i decided my stamp collection was out of hand. At least my storing method. I only began stamping about 2 years ago. About 2 years ago exactly actually. I started buying some close to my heart stamps with a stamp club in november of 2006. My oh My how crazy my stamping collection has become! But because of it's growth, i just find new places to store them and none of them are in the same place. I've got CTMH in one spot, SU in another, Unity on the bookcase, and all my autumn leaves and other clear stamps in cd cases and then in metal baskets. My "nicer" clear sets have been split - some in cd cases and then in a tower on top of soem cubicles (thats the papertrey, Verve and MFT station) but then some of them havent been put in cd cases yet because there is no more room in the tower. My studio g's are in a box and misc wood mounted's are split between soem drawers and a large roll out tote by junkitz. Some of my plain rubbers has been put on cling and are in cd cases but other are stored in a basket (all of my staving artist and pink cat are there) and then my bellas i store on a very large book ring thats hung next to my desk. Do you see now why i was flustered!? So then i decided, well let's just go with something different! And had a plan in mind for the boho blossoms set. So i went ot get my watercolored paper. You guessed it... couldnt find that either. I was about ready to just throw everything out the window and give up all together! This is when i decided my craft room needs a MAJOR overhaul! Its not that i cant clean it up and make it look pretty or that everything is in boxes in the middle of the floor as it was once before - its now i have places to put things but not organized method!
Unfortunately, i dont ever get solo time in there to go thru stuff. So it will be a slow process getting it redone - but it will be redone! DH is going to go with me to Home Depot some night this week so i can get more shelves and more places to get things up and out of reach (i'm REALLY tired of jack pulling stuff out). Hopefully once i have a few new places i can go thru everything and put things together in a cohesive manner! Once i finally accomplish the task, i'll be sure to post it!

Oh and one last thing... i found another blog candy for you to check out...
http://www.karinhoeve.blogspot.com/ to win a super cute purse she made and some other goodies
http://scrampinmama.blogspot.com/2008/11/its-time-for-blog-candy.html for a little love from i{heart}papers!


Katie Skiff Wednesday, November 12, 2008  

Beautiful card Katie!

I hear you on the unorganized bit. For starters I would rather buy more stamps than organization items!! LOL...I am always re-arranging (well all over the house too). Someday I'll have it all like I like it. I hope you can get things worked out....otherwise I can sure come over and help ya! *wink*

rachelsigmak Wednesday, November 12, 2008  

YOU CAN DO IT!!! And it will feel good when it is done!!! Good luck... get you a sitter for the day... she can play with the kids while you 'work'.. hahaha. It will be worth it!

Lori Wednesday, November 12, 2008  

Hi Katie,
Drop by my blog...I left something for you.

Christi Wednesday, November 12, 2008  

Your card is gorgeous Katie!!

Jami {sgtStamper} Wednesday, November 12, 2008  

This card is gorgeous!!!! I tried watercolor pencils and just couldn't get it right, so I am totally impressed!!! Good luck with the organizing...lucky that your dh is willing to help out!!
hugs, Jami

Heather Thursday, November 13, 2008  

This is a wonderful Water Color CArd! I love the flower petals and the actual color of it! Yummy! Great Job girl!

I recently just started getting my Scrap/Stamp/Craft room organized after 2 years of it taking over my house! It is not done yet, but so much better and it makes it sooo much easier to do more stamping!

I hear you I am a SU Demo and I have over 200 SU sets alone plus many others from other companies! Hard to remember what you have!

I checked out your blog about feeding the habbit good idea!

I am offering a big pile of Blog Candy here:


The challenge will go for 2 weeks and there will be new items added to the Candy Pile all during the 2 week challenge period. There are 6 ways to get your name entered in the Candy Draw!

Hope you are having a heavier MoJo day tomorrow! LOL


Lisa H. Thursday, November 13, 2008  

good luck with the organizing thing. I sooo need help in this department, but I'd much rather spend my crafting budget on stamps! Love the card, I especially love how you used the brads. they look great on the curve of the circle.

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