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>> Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hey there! Sorry i didnt finish my card in time to post! I had to get all my stuff together for my copic 1 class today at Funkie Munkie. So i'm just posting that info instead. At least it's a colored image, right? And maybe it will be helpful to other teachers??

Here's what i put together for my classes...

I stamp out the image to be used in class a few times on a sheet of paper. it keeps everything together and the students can see the progression. 1 image is already colored and labeled with color names. This helps to not have to answer the same questions too often plus gives me an overall reference point. Having all of your images you are working on stamped on 1 piece of paper also helps you to not lose the paper while teaching. before i used to just have a few extra stamped images for myself. Then 1 gets tucked away under something else or someone has picked it up to have a closer looksie and it's hard to locate it when you need it using up your class time. The larger piece of paper is just easier to find. :)

You'll notice my markers are covered in black electrical tape. I do this so i know they are mine. Yes i could just write my initials on them, but KC isnt the most uncommon of initials plus in my initials are on the face down side of the marker, i have to do thru and check each one as they are strewn about the table (i left my students use my markers during class if they do not have their own or dont have the appropriate color). Having any color of tape all the way around the marker makes it easy peasy for me to spot the marker and make sure it goes back in my case to go home with Moi! :)

I also always bring the iamges prestamped as to not waste class time plus extras in case there are extra people or in the event that someone needs a do over. But i still also bring extra paper, the stamps to be used and my memento ink. Better prepared than not! Of course then i also need a block to put the stamps on, just in case. Dont rely on your craft store to have any of these. They may have gone home with an employee.. gotten lost in a shuffle, etc. Always be prepared. or you'll end up buying something off the shelf and duplicating your stash (woops, done that one!)

The big pink square you see in the photo is my stamp mat. I LOVE my stamp mat. I do have some small black ones and sometimes i just take those instead. But the tables usually in craft stores arent always the best stamping surfaces. So i like to have a good one with me, just in case.

My class today is Copic 1. The images we are going to use in class are Ashlie's Snail (a smaller and easy image to color first to get feet wet for those who havent even used the markers before. Then next we're doing Jaina Fairy. Both stamps are from Paper Makeup Stamps. I dont always use stamps from my line for class, but i cant help it if i like them! :)

Here's a close up view of the colored image...

The technique we'll use today is a very easy marker + marker on paper. It' a great way for beginners to learn how copics work and blend together.

And on a fun side family note... gabe is walking! He doesnt get far, but he's walking. Lord help me! :)


Dana Saturday, May 23, 2009  

Katie, your images and class technique are perfect. I LOVE an organized instructor...wish I was in your class today :)

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