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>> Saturday, May 16, 2009

I created something that i didnt color with Copic markers!! WHAT WHAT WHAAAAAAAAT?! Haha. I know. Crazy! heheheh. Yes i firmly embrace my copic addiction. Well... i altered a holder FOR my copic markers. :) And of course i painted it and papered it in colors that match everything else in my craft room.

At Funkie Munkie Scraps you can buy these plain wooden block that sit on a lazy susan (turn table thingy). They come in all different sizes from smaller than what i got to much larger. You can get ones for Caio, Sketch or a Universal (what i have) which will hold either marker, oh yeah, or a combo which just has alternating size holes.

Super fun huh?! Now before you think this is only something you'd want if you had a small collection of markers, here's what i use mine for! It sits empty and lonely on my craft table until i sit down and start working. Then, instead of having my markers strewn all over my table while i'm working on a project, i pop it into my little marker buddy. That way i can easily see them and pick up the colors i need quickly and efficiently. Yes i could ust stay organized and put them back into my big holders, but that means i have to have my big holders very close to me (i have about 300 copics) and that really cuts into my work space.

Here's an example of what the marker buddy looks like WITH markers.

No, the black tape thing isnt to look cool. I put black tape on all of my markers so i know they are MINE! haha. I'm a little possessive that way. No, actually, i let a lot of people use my markers, especially when i'm teaching a class. But since there are always a lot of markers floating around, i wanted to easily be able to distinguish which ones are mine, so the black tape just makes that easier.

So thats my marker buddy. :) Sometime i like to spin it around and around just for fun. haha.

Ok, off to go pick up the fussy baby and then maybe back to some one handed crafting today! haha. We were going to go out to our camper but it's raining. Oh well. I wanted some playtime anyway!


Anonymous,  Saturday, May 16, 2009  

I love little things to keep my stuff organized but I have always been told that you had to lay a 2 ended marker down so it wouldn't dry out. Is that not true with copic markers???? Thanks

Tracey Saturday, May 16, 2009  

This is fantastic Katie! I'm a Copic addict too so I understand! :)

Shaela Saturday, May 16, 2009  

super fun! I just got a new holder for my copics to hold my recent order - my old tin was too small!!

Randee E Sunday, May 17, 2009  

O.K. thanks ffor enabling all of us :0) But I couldn't find the holders on their website. Can you provide a link to where they are available for purchase? Thanks!

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