Makeup Monday Quickie

>> Monday, December 22, 2008

Super quick makeup monday post! We JUST arrived here in Indiana and it's so stinkin cold! I forgot how much my body and hair do not like this cold weather and my hair is suffering major static and sticking my face and everything else! Its drivign me nuts, though we did have fun shocking each other in the car during the drive. hehe.

So my quick makeup monday tip since i've been in the car basically for over 10 hours, and dont even have anything unpacked yet, this will have to do!

When you have the horrible static issues with your hair, here's an easy tip. Get some silicone serum (usually for making hair shiny - sprays are oK too, but i prefer the serum) and put a glob in your palm and rub hands together so it's evenly distributed then apply to the ENDS of your hair only. Applying a bunch of this all over will just make your hair look greasy. I avoid putting it anywhere near my scalp! Even though you see the static there, if the ends are weighed down, the static cant lift the hair. so thats my quickie tip. After the holidays are over i'll return to video tutorials and such!


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