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>> Thursday, December 25, 2008

I had the best of intentions to post all kinds of things this week. I even had some stuff that i was going to post last week but i was so busy making the gifts that i didnt have enough time to blog!! So I thought, well at least i'll have some stuff to post even while i'm out of town. But that hasnt happened either! Woops! It's been a full full week thats for sure with lots of family time and stuff with the kiddos which is always nice.

Now it's christmas day and i'm enjoyed a little break since EVERYONE is on overload and has retreated to their own corners to either look at some goodies they got for christmas, or do a little baking, or feed the baby (thats me), or check their bank statements, etc. So that also means i have a little bit of time to hop on here and wish everyone a wonderful christmas! Dont forget what it's really all about today! here soon i think i'm going to have a slice of birthday cake (a tradition i started with my kids to keep the reminder of who's birthday it is).

Most of the photos i need to post are still trapped inside my camera. But i do that this little holiday treat that i actually made a week ago. And it was only for the mail lady so it isnt like i couldnt post it! But it's still a quick treat you can make for something if you arent seeing them until later today, tomorrow, or even over the weekend. Sorry the photo is not so good, i quickly took the picture while the mail lady was driving down the road on her way to my house!

First let me say i got this idea from Lauren Meader. I get a great amount of my gift ideas from her! Her blog is amazing. If you dont read it, i highly suggest it. Here's the link to how to make this template for this project...
Take any disposable coffee cup. Mine are from dixie and i bought a pack. You could also try to swipe an extra from a gas station i suppose. Or kindly ask when you get your next latte at starbucks. I just sort of free handed a pattern on the backside of some holiday patterned paper. It would have been better if i had 2 extra and could cut one apart to trace but this was fine. This is actually what Lauren does in her much better than mine tutorial. After adhering that i made a little slip over cover like they have at starbucks. I stamped the snowmen from the SU set Flakey Friends and colored them with copics.

Inside my cup i have 2 packets of cocoa mix and then 2 homemade "stirrers" I've heard these refered to these has many things. But they are just about the easiest things ever. Get popsicle sticks (i get mine from craft stores with all the wilton and other baking things), meltable chocolate (i love using the vanilla chips from the same section at the craft store), candy canes (or peppermints of any kind) and then when using the vanilla or white chocolate i like to get mini chocolate chips. Crush the peppermint candy and then lay the crushed pieces out on a plate and mix in the chocolate chips. Melt the vanilla chocolate in the microwave. Stick a large marshmallow on the end of the stick, dunk and roll in the crushed candy. and you're done! They are great to stir your cocoa or coffee, but pretty yummy to eat on their own as well.


Beth Friday, December 26, 2008  

Geeze all I did for my post lady (who I haven't seen yet) was a starbuck's gift card. Your's is cuter!

Merry Christmas!

Oh, and I got the laptop!

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