Refilling copics and making custom colors

>> Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hey there everyone! This is just a quick little video tutorial. I've been asked by many how i refill my copic markers. I dont do it any special way, but for those that have never seen a marker refilled before, this might be helpful to watch.

In the end of the video i also show you how i make custom colors (you know, when you go "man, why hasnt copic made a color to go inbetween G24 and G28!")

The other type of custom colors i like to make that i dont reference in the video is lighter version of some of my favorites (like Y21 for example). I do it the same way as in the video but i use colorless blender solution as one of my colors. So 5 drops y21, 5 drops blender solution, 5 drop y21, 5 drops blender solution, etc.



jan farnworth Sunday, November 22, 2009  

thanks katie i had no idea how to refill my copics i thought you bought a new tip or something. thanks.

Nena Monday, November 23, 2009  

Thank you so much for this Copic
video!! I knew I was going to have
to figure out how to do this pretty
soon. I think I will have to try
doing some color mixing. I do find
that there isn't a color I need.
Thanks for the inspiration! Have
a wonderful Thanksgiving:-)

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