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>> Sunday, January 31, 2010

Well I came home from our sweet little getaway to a winter ice storm!!!!
I'm not kidding! The day we got back it starting sleeting and ice-ing everywhere! It didnt help matters that i had a wedding to do makeup and hair for the next morning (which was yesterday).
They didnt call the wedding off which meant very very scary driving conditions for me! I woke up at 5:00 and left at 5:30 to drive someplace that should take me 10 minutes and it took 40! Then we went from that location to another and it should have taken 20 and it took over an hour! it was BAD! But luckily, everyone was ready on time and looked wonderful (if i do say so myself!, ok, they were very pretty girls to begin with, but i still was proud! haha! Once i have pictures i'll post em over on the makeup blog)

I have been hard at work getting ready for 2 big events... the My Time Made Easy release which is TOMORROW and the PMS birthday party that starts on the 2nd! This is going to be a busy week! But i hope you are ready for the fun because it's definitely going to be fun!

So stay tuned! My first post for My Time Made Easy will be up at midnight!!!!


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