PMS Sneak Peek Day 4

>> Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ok... so yesterday was a cuh-razy day! I felt like i had about 48 hours worth of stuff to do, and about 12 hours to do it in. Today, is no different. *sigh* I just feel like i'm running and running to get caught up and just not quite making it there. But the clubs that i help out with at Funkie Munkie are now underway (i'll have some tutorials up on the blog next week. :) ) and the release for the stamp company is TOMORROW, and my preschooler goes back to a summer school program this next week. Life will eventually return to normal! Or as normal as it's going to get!

All that being said... i actually have no sneak peek for you today. As i was scrambling to get things done today, I mentioned to my dear friend Christi who is my right hand gal with PMS that i just couldnt figure out how i was going to get all this done! So she said to not worry about the card, she'd make one for me! Now thats a true friend folks!

Here is Christi's card...

Isnt it just the cutest?! She has another adorable card too but i'm going to make you go to her blog to see it. I'm sure she has both cards up with details for both so you'll want to check it out anyway. I'm actually preposting this so i cant be sure what she'll have up there! hahaha.

Now on the PMS blog to see some more fabulous creations. You'll also find your way to WIN this set! But i'll tell you here (you'll just have to actually go there to enter, bwahahahaha). Your "challenge" is to do something sweet for a friend and then to comment what you did. Originally the suggestion was going to be to put a shout out on your blog about your friend. But then my mom (who's visiting this weekend, yeeeeeeea!) reminded me that not everyone has a blog (ie, herself, haha). So it switched to somehow do a public sweet thing for a friend. :)

Well, i've kinda already done my shout out, but i'm going to indulge. Christi has just been this amazing friend to me lately. She's supported me, taken over jobs that i either didnt have time to do (like working on the PMS forum) or didnt want to do (um, worrying about monday morning blog posts, hehehehe). She truly has been a right hand gal and has taken the reigns of organizing the design team's duties. But she's really been there to listen to me gripe and moan about this that and the other. We have often commented on how we must share the same brain. I love this girl to pieces. Now if only she'd move to South Carolina! hahahahaha.

Thanks so much for stopping by, now go pay Christi a little love!


Kim Saturday, June 06, 2009  

That's an awesome card - she is so sweet - I love her too. Hope things calm a little for you next week!

Anonymous,  Saturday, June 06, 2009  

YUMMY!!! Love this stamp :)

Helga Marie Saturday, June 06, 2009  

what an adorable card... too cute, thank you for getting out the copic lesson plan in all your chaos.

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