well i was going to be crafty.

>> Sunday, January 25, 2009

Well, i had every intention of being crafty and making some fun things while my hubby was out of town this weekend. But i felt pretty yucky after the wedding i worked yesterday. I colored a bella and then said i'd finish tomorrow (today). But then i woke up at 4 am thinking that i was going to DIE! I had to wait until a friend could come and watch the kiddos (THANK YOU LISA!) and then i went to an emergency doc. Turns out i have a kidney stone. Not fun. AND i've tried and tried and tried to get ahold of my husband to get him to come home early and his cell goes straight to voice mail. So we're all watching movies today and i'm going to post a card that jack made for his teacher a bit back.

Here's the story...
One day in my craft room jack was searching for something. I told him he needed to stay out of mama's things. His reply was "but i NEEEEEEEEEED a flower for my card for Ms Jill!" i wasnt aware he was making a card for Ms Jill. So i said, ok, pick out 1 flower. So he did. Then we went thru our normal routine. He went thru my scrap bin and picked out his paper. Then he picked out a stamp and some ink. He said it needed to be all pink for ms jill but got very frustrated when his pink ink wouldnt show up. so he picked purple. I put sticky tabs on the back of everything and then he layered it all together. Mind you he'll be 3 in a month. But i love it when he decides to make cards.

Ok, i'm going back to laying down (dont worry, i'm sitting on the couch as i write this anyway)


Christi Sunday, January 25, 2009  

OMG girl! Why didn't you tell me you had a kidney stone! I am so sorry I keep bugging you! LOL Please get to feeling better soon-I hope they gave you something to help with the pain. LOVE this card btw! Too cute!! Your little man did good. :)

Tracey Sunday, January 25, 2009  

So sorry to hear you aren't feeling well Katie! I have never had a kidney stone but I can only imagine how much it must suck!! Hope you're feeling better soon! xx

Love Jack's card! Adorable!! :)

Jacquie Sunday, January 25, 2009  

WOW! Katie! I hope you feel better QUICK!! I am SO sorry you had to go thru that!!! Wish I could help out, in some way!! Guess I am a little far a way for that! Hehe! Stay on that couch girl!! That card your son made is SO cute!!! Take care!!!

Lindsay Spencer Sunday, January 25, 2009  

Aww! Cute. I really can't wait to see your stamps. I need some more sneak peeks, PLEASE!!

jami {sgtStamper} Monday, January 26, 2009  

Sooo sorry to hear about the kidney stone...hope you're feeling better real soon!!!

What a sweet card that Jack made!!
hugs, Jami

Fink Monday, January 26, 2009  

I sure hope you feel better soon! I am not feeling well today either but doubt it is that! He did a great job on his card!

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