>> Thursday, January 15, 2009

My days are blurring into my nights around here! I have been very very busy getting ready to launch my new stamp company. Who woulda thunk so much works goes into all this! Ok, well, i would have guessed it was a lot of work but adding it on top of a busy life with 2 under 3 and my makeup business has been about to side swip me! I guess thats why they call it a busi-ness, huh? haha.

And bringing up those 2 under 3. Poor baby gabe! I think he's teething but he's just been a bit fussier than usual and his 2 year old brother doesnt seem to be very helpful with nap times. Gabe is still eating 2 - 3 times a night! And acting so hungry everytime. Today we had his 4 month check up (um, he's almost 18 pounds so perhaps i should just feed him less! haha, actually his weight is right where is should be for his height so he's just a plain ol' big baby!). But the extra attention needed has put me a little behind.

Speaking of behind...for all those who i've hosted swaps with, i'm SO terribly sorry i'm behind! I completely blame myself for hosting during a time i knew would be busy! I wasnt going to and then thought, well i can handle it, and i'm just plain behind. EVERYTHING is going postal today!

So no sneak peeks today BUT i found a pic of a card i made a while back that i apparently just forgot to post. woops. haha. It was from a challenge over at Paper Craft Planet. The challenge was to use Black and White as the main colors with just a pinch of other color. Here is my sympathy card using Gina K Designs Comfort and Peace... (FYI - did you know Gina K was once a makeup artist? it's true! Well, i say once because i think she's a tad busy now and doesnt do it professionally anymore, but once a makeup artist always a makeup artist in my mind!)

I used a cuddlebug folder on the white to give it some more depth. The flowers are from the comfort and peace set as well but they are stamped on a separate white piece of paper and then adhered over the embossed paper.

I hate that i havent been posting those sneak peeks BUT i have to mention the fact that i havent been able to find my camera charger ANYWHERE! I have searched and searched but was unable to find it since our holiday travels. I have dedicated entirely too much time trying to find it creating disasters as i look. Well, i found it today! Whew! I made a layout i was quite happy with for the Funkie Munkie Scraps design team but wasnt able to take a picture of it. Once my camera is charged i'll go over to the store and snap a pic. :)

Soon i'll be in the process of doing a major craft weed-out of stamps and such. Just time to do that again since they accumulate so quickly, don't they? Plus the extra moolah will be very helpful in the business start up costs. But i gotta get caught up here before i get to post all that! haha. I'll post what sets i have available here on my blog when i get them all set up.

Ok, back to the grind of getting some things accomplished. The baby is asleep and i dont know how long it will last but i'm going to do everything i can while it does! :)


Kim Thursday, January 15, 2009  

Katie girl, I am SO EXCITED about your new stamp line. Can't wait to see it!!! Miss ya, Kim (still your sistah) :)

Jennie Thursday, January 15, 2009  

Pretty card! So dramatic... My 9 month will still wake up occasionally 2 times at night to nurse...Every now and then he will tease me with a straight 8 hours :o)

Jacquie Friday, January 16, 2009  

LOVE your card!! Hope things calm down for you soon! I mean, as nuch as they should, anyway!!! Hehe!! I can SO relate to the middle of the night thing!! I can't wait to see your new stamps!! You are such an inspiration!! When you have time, stop by my blog, I have something there for you! TAke care!!

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