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>> Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Well this past week sure has been a crazy one! I cant believe a week has come and gone so fast! Last thursday was my birthday... yippee! I absolutely love birthdays! I celebrated it myself by having friends over for a birthday crop! Lots of fun to be had. My in laws got into town that afternoon and babysat the munchkin so that my hubby and i could go out to eat. Good food - no rowdy child... ahhh, bliss!

Now the next day my hubby had planned a "surprise" birthday party. I put surprise in quotes because i had it figured out long before. But here's a quick background on the subject... my hubby never does ANYTHING for me on my bday. i dont get a card, or a cake, and sometimes not even a present. I get a why dont you go and get your hair done. Which then never happens. GO get a pedicure.... never happens. He says it's my fault that i dont go and do them. Um... i have a toddler, and a hubby that works full time. I know most of you all understand how it goes all too well.

Well this year he was trying really really hard to do something special! He asked a couple of friends to make sure my important people were there. He hired his buddy and little worker bee to come and park cars so i wouldnt know they were there. He filled the downstairs with balloons. However, in true fashion to my darling man... he did a lot of things wrong (which is how i knew about the bash to begin with) and i finally had to tell him that i knew because he told the 2 sets of friends 2 different times to be there and i was scrambling trying to help him get ready for everything! Finally he banished me to "my room" which means my craft room. He said i might know what was happening, but he didnt want me to see it in the works. So while i was banished to my room, i made him this card to thank him for all the hard hard work he put into "making up" for his past birthday blunders...

The stamps are from PaperTrey Ink and is the Out on a Limb set with Out on a Limb Sentiments. It really is a fabulously remarkable stamp set (that i just ordered myself for my birthday) so i cant wait to get lots more use out of it! It'll make some stunning cards!

Oh - and my big surprise for the night was i got a cake for every single birthday he had missed so by the time the cakes stopped rolling in my table was covered with cakes. Imagine the delight of all the 2 and 3 year olds at the party! it was pure heaven. :) Still no card though.... maybe i'll get a card for every year he's missed next year! haha


Kim's Life Friday, July 04, 2008  

awww... that's a great story!!! It's a Happily Ever After!!!!

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