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>> Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Well my last post was my long one about the craze that has been my life in the past week. But i guess i never really got past my birthday party which was only friday! Saturday i had a wedding to do. I didnt make near enough. It's hard to figure out my prices for a smaller town. I hate for anyone to feel ripped off and i hate "charging" people for anything, however, i am a professional makeup artist and i should know that my work is valued. I tell myself this over and over again... but i still have trouble.

Ok, thats not the point of this entry at all! After the wedding, my mother-in-law, jack and i drove down to our camper we have permanently set up at Hartwell Lake. I'd love to say i own a second Lakeside home. But it really is just a camper. haha. Anyhoo - after we'd been there about a day, i wondered where my neighbor (who lives there permanently) was. He's ALWAYS around, but there was no site of him. I found out later he had been taken to the ER when they thought he was having a heart attack but it turned out to be a bacterial infection and he was in the ICU. SCARY! So after we got home yesterday i decided i wanted to make him a card. I used Papertrey's Pond Life set to create this card.

My parents get into town tomorrow night (man do i have a lot to do before then!) and then we'll be heading back to the lake on friday for July 4th celebrations. We'll be coming back on saturday however. My parents will be leaving town on monday. I hope to squeeze in a few posts before then... still need to create a card for my dad so that will be later today and then i have some projects for a stamp camp i'm doing with my friend rachel so hopefully i wont get too behind! YIPES!


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