PMS Digi Makeover Challenge: Be My Valentine!

>> Monday, January 30, 2012

This week the challenge over at the PMS Digi Challenge is to create a valentine!

And I thought.... holy cow it's already almost time for valentine's day?!
Spring will be here before we know it! Time is going SO fast!

It often happens with me... that even though i love making cards, i forget to send them out.
Or a particular holiday creeps up on me and I don't have time to create the cards I would have liked. So then what do you do? Well, i send e-cards. And while their are oodles of them out there, just like traditional hallmark cards, anyone can send them. So at least it's a little more fun to create my own e-card and feel like i had a little more effort into it. :D

Here is my valentine's day e-card

I used photoshop and created my card in layers using the Sending You Love digi set.
The lip print in the set has recently been recreated so that it has a transparent background.
If you have previously purchased the sending you love set, you can re-download it to get the transparent background heart or just shoot me an email and I'll get the new addition over to you.

So you see my card and say... um, katie... it's still a white background. Why did you want it transparent? Well, it's very very very easy to change the color of an image in photoshop by choosing the color overlay. But with a flat image, the whole image changes color and you'll get a big red screen (or whatever color you were wanting to change it to). With the transparent background, just the image (lip print in this case) will change color. Yeeeeeeah!

Be sure to check out the PMS company blog to see what other goodies the challenge team has for you to see today!


>> Monday, January 23, 2012

Well, my post will be quick for the moment. I took lots of pictures of my card for the Digi Makeover challenge from PMS, but the stars arent aligned tonight for me to get them on my laptop and into my post from my camera (you know... just one of THOSE nights!) Anyhoo - i did manage to grab this photo from my phone and I will get the other photos on here shortly in the morning after i get the boys off to school. :D

The challenge this week was to use those winter blues. Now the card didnt need to be winterie... but i felt like sasha could use some love!

And now my little one has woken up for the umpteenth time with a bad dream. So i'm going to get the poor little bugger back to sleep and then hopefully sleep myself!

Be sure to check out the PMS blog and the rest of the digi team for their winterie blue inspiration!


>> Monday, January 16, 2012

It's time for another digi challenge from Paper Makeup Stamps!
This week, Michelle has challenged us to break out those fairy images. Now PMS has a LOT of fairy stamps! You can check out all the digi fairies HERE and you can still get lots of the rubber fairies that are left in stock HERE Use CLOSEOUT60 to get 60% off your rubber order!

Ok, back to my card... And prepare for a short post.... it's been a long week and i am ready for bed!
I also used one of the the PMS digi word arts. You can find this word art here.
I colored my image with copic markers and then airbrushed the sentiment inside a spellbinders die to get the shadowed effect on the sentiment.

Please be sure to check out the company blog for more awesome samples from the Digi Makeover Artists and to get in on this fabulous challenge with a fabulous prize!


PMS Digi Makeover Challenge: Make a Get Well Card

>> Monday, January 9, 2012

2nd post for the day, please scroll down to see my My Time Made Easy post!

Another Monday, another PMS digi Makeoever Challenge!
You may have noticed... this past Saturday Paper makeup Stamps had a digi stamp release. A lot of the new release focus's on health as this always seems to be the season when people get sick.
So for this week's PMS Digi Challenge, our new challenge leader, Michelle, has challenged everyone to make a get well card!

Be sure to check out the company blog for details on how to play as well as see the rest of the Makeover Artists' cards!

here's mine!

I used Donna, the nurse fairy and enlarged the image as well as cropped the lower portion.
Thats one of the greatest things about digis. Yes you can mask a regular rubber stamp image, but you cant also enlarge it so that your cropped image can be as large as the previous image was. So fun! I also used one of the new wordarts from the release which you can find here.

Here is a close up of the cropped and resized digi...

And i must add... for those who did the blog hop on saturday and read my trauma of the destroyed paper i've been hoarding... these are more remaining scraps. By golly.... i will get as much out of that as i can! haha!

Have a wonderful day!


My Time Made Easy: Year in Review

Welcome to my My Time Made Easy Year in Review post! Every month, the design team revisits past templates, stamps, cut files and paper and makes a new project with them.

Well... i have certianly had a busy week if you've read my recent blog posts. I've been very busy with a production shoot and also 2 releases to be crafting for and typing up blog posts. I hate when i get just SO busy because i dont feel like there is much me left over for my kids (luckily, this week is a light week so i have a few things planned, plus today i sent daddy fishing and brought in one of their absolute favorite babysitters to play with them for the day... so at this point i'm a pretty cool mom)

Anyhoo - when thinking of what to make for the review post, I decided it would be fun to make something for one of the boys. Since gabe is still at the "oh fun, now i'll destroy it" stage.... i opted to make something for jack instead!

Jack is just like me... he loves little boxes to store things in! Legos and small toys are among his favorites... so I made him his very own box for treasures using the Flapper template!
If you check out the Flapper link, you'll see that there is actually perfectly aligned holes so that the closure can be secured by a ribbon or thread. Since Jack can not tie his shoes yet even, I didnt think this was a very smart idea so i created a velcro closure so it would be easier for him. I used one of the stamps from the On Display stamp set to create a perfect button for the front and used chipboard letters on top for his name.

Here's a picture of the inside... which of course at this point is empty because i'll let jack pick his own things to keep inside. :D

Now be sure to check out the rest of the MTME design team and see the inspiration they have for you to get out those old templates and make something new!


My Time Made Easy: Something Sweet

>> Sunday, January 8, 2012

Today is this month's release day for My Time Made Easy. Normally MTME releases on the 1st of the month, but this month Lauren decided to release a little bit later giving use on the design team a bit more holiday! Thank you Lauren!!!

For today's post, the team was asked to make something sweet or for someONE sweet.
I chose the latter and i'm SO excited to give it to them tomorrow!

Not against my usual... i wait a little bit too long before working on my assigned projects. I've always been that way. never doing homework or writing term papers until just before they are due. Not doing my laundry until I absolutely have no other choices of clothing to wear. You know, things like that. :D

Well.... here I went again, working on my project the night before it's due. This time, a slightly good excuse. I've been on set the past couple of days for a clothing company, and the days have been a little bit longer than I expected, so understandably I am a bit behind. (to be honest... it's a primarily male clothing company and I can safely say since my husband does not read my blog that the guys i get the pleasure of make-uping are some seriously good looking guys! haha! I mean i'm happily married, but i sure havent minded the eye candy the past couple of days!)
But today as I sat down after a long day of shooting (part of the day being in wind and rain and cold) I thought... man I am SLEEPY! And then it suddenly hit me EXACTLY what I wanted to do and I completely 180'ed on my plan for my project today.
The production coordinator for the shoots for the clothing company is April. April is such a nice nice person. She hires me repeatedly for this company and I have now dont 3 catalogs with them but here is one of the ways she is different than the average project coordinator. She remembers I have kids. She remembers when I take them to school and when i pick them up and she schedules my call times accordingly and even tries to make it so that I can leave part way thru the shoot to either pick them up from school or at least check in on them. She's even asked me to please go ahead and just bring them to part of the shoot and said if i'm needed on set, she will play with them while i work. I have never met a production coordinator who thinks of those things, or even CARES about those things. most just see one with a family life as a bit of a production nuisance. So for that, i am very grateful.

So why did the fact that I was sleepy trigger me to think of my new project? Well... today, April did not look good. Haha. She walked it later than my call time and I thought, oh sweetie. Did you sleep at all?! She said, about 2 hours. She has been up all night for the past 3 nights getting the catalog ready for print and then still is on set all day. She told me today she has slept for a total of 7 hours in 3 full days! After the shoot wraps tomorrow... i know she doesnt just get to go home and go to bed... but I do hope in the next couple of days she gets to finally take a break!
I wish that I could help her with the catalog... but thats not my job. So, i made her this project for when she does finally get some time to herself.

Here is my little collection of goodies in the Sweet Treat Tote. This tote is SO fun! It can be package 3 ways. Lauren did a fantastic job of displaying the same tote with 3 different gifts inside in THIS POST.

This little "box/tray" of sorts goes inside the template. Unfortuantely, I kinda forgot the HEIGHT of the template when i was planning so my bosy wash doesnt fit inside. Ah well. My rose soap petals do! Along with some tea lights and the bar of chocolate that i plan to pick up tomorrow morning on the way to set (yeah, it was a thought too late for my picture).
The tray can also be flipped upside down (my original plan!) and then you can use it to stick candy lollipops, cake pops, etc in and it holds them upright. Also included in the template package is another box/tray that would then sit upright the height of the box. I love that there are 3 ways to use it!

And one more picture for you...

Be sure to check out the rest of the MTME design team and their creations today...
Have a great day!!!


>> Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's another blog hop from Paper Makeup Stamps! You should have hopped here from Lisa McKinney. If you didnt, then go to the beginning! You dont want to miss out on the creations!

Today we have an all new release coming your way! Yes they are all being released in Digi, and not rubber this go round as we make the transition from rubber to digi. But you rubber fans, dont you forget we have a massive inventory closeout happening on the site! Use the code CLOSEOUT60 and you get 60% off of the already super low PMS prices!!!!! Get them while you can!

Ok, now that my selling spiel is over, onto my card!

I love valentines day. It's just a fun excuse to be as girly and gushy as you want! I'm so thankful i got thru this card before my lovely 3 year old trashed the rest of this paper I had been hoarding since LAST YEAR. *sigh* us moms never get to keep anything nice for ourselves, do we.

My card...
I used Color Kid with a Valentine for my card along with one of our new wordarts

I heart her! She's so cute! The color kids are all illustrated by Diem Pascarella and she is just fab.

And I decided to lop the wordart in half. I actually did it after the fact and printed it out as a whole... but it would have been superbly easy to do BEFORE printing. :D

here's the inside of my card...

And now it's time for you to continue your journey! You next and last stop in the hop is Randee Elsing


PMS Sneak Peeks day 2

>> Friday, January 6, 2012

2nd post for the day! if you are looking for my My Time Made Easy post, scroll down please!!!

Today is day 2 for sneak peeks from Paper Makeup Stamps Digi!

I used one of the new Color Kid images for my card...

The sentiment is actually the rubber sentiment that comes with Flubu (which there are just like 3 or 4 of him left in the closeout sale!)

This color kid is so sweet! I didnt really intend to have the card so girl scout themed, but hey, it works right?! My papers are from Stella Rose by My Mind's Eye (i know, i've been using them a lot lately!) and I used copic markers E00, E21, E23, E25, Y32, Y35, Y38 G20, G24, YG95, YG91

Please be sure to check out the company blog to see more sneak peeks and creations from the fabulous paper makeup artists!!!


My Time Made Easy: Hey Cupcake!

Well the sneak peeks for My TIme Made Easy are coming to you a bit late this month.
Lauren graciously wanted to give the design team a little bit more time over the holidays!
After all, thats really what lauren is all about... how to make your crafting time easier so you can spend more time with family and doing the other things you love. :D

This month there are some adorable templates and digi stamps for you!

I get to show off this adorable template called Hey Cupcake. It's "intended" to show 2 cutie-patootie cupcakes and comes with the insert to keep them where they belong but the insert could hold all kinds of things in place OR you can opt for no insert (which is what i did here) and just fill it with all kinds of goodies! I still went with the sweet theme and stuffed it full of yummy cookies!

Here's a view from the top. You can see an image from the cute Sweet Sentiments digi set.

And now here's a view of the whole template...

I used this fun rose ribbon by American Crafts all around and the circle cuts under the button are actually the left over cut from the holes in the top of the template.

and just a fun view of the inside... my boys helped me make these today. They asked if they could make them something other than PINK but i said no they needed to have a nice contrast to the box. To which they looked at me with blank faces and then asked when they could eat the cookies. haha!

These cookies are made using jello! Thats what makes them so brightly colored. :D

Be sure to check out Lauren, Tangii and Lisa's blogs as well for more great inspiration!


Paper Makeup Stamps Digi Release sneak peek

>> Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wow, that was a long title!

It's about time for the first Digi Release from Paper Makeup Stamps!
4 new word arts and 3 new images will be released on the 7th and today is the first day of the sneak peeks!

Here's my cards for you....

The cloud paper is from last years valentine's day collection She Loves Me from My Mind's Eye.
I created the little scene using a spellbinders circle die for the sun and airbrushed edges. The grass was created using fringe scissors from Martha Stewart Crafts. The wordart was die cut also using a spellbinders die. A simple ribbon seemed to be just the extra touch needed on the bottom.

I already created another fun card because i love playing with word arts!

The sentiment to me was just so funny! And what a fun way to lift someone's spirits who has been in the hospital!

This card was made using papers from the Stella Rose collection by My Mind's Eye.
So thats my card! Be cure to check out the PMS company blog for samples from the paper makeup artists using the other wordart to be released!


PMS digi makeover sketch challenge

>> Sunday, January 1, 2012

Well, this is mu first attempt at typing up a blog post from my new iPhone! But I just has to see how the. Blogger app worked! Since one of my new years resolutions is to be better at keeping up my blogs, this seemed worthwhile to check out. :)

Soooo, we are back to our weekly posting for the pms digi makeover challenge! This week we have a sketch challenge for you!

Well now this is odd, I can't place my picture where I want it? This blogger iPhone app and I may not become friends after all. Haha.

I used the digi "because your my friend". The digi size is larger than the rubber version. I love love love this word art. It's one of my absolute favorites!

Don't forget we still have the rubber close out madness going on!! Use the code CLOSEOUT60 in your cart to get 60% off your entire order (not including digis).

Hope everyone had a wonderful new year!!!

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