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>> Sunday, January 8, 2012

Today is this month's release day for My Time Made Easy. Normally MTME releases on the 1st of the month, but this month Lauren decided to release a little bit later giving use on the design team a bit more holiday! Thank you Lauren!!!

For today's post, the team was asked to make something sweet or for someONE sweet.
I chose the latter and i'm SO excited to give it to them tomorrow!

Not against my usual... i wait a little bit too long before working on my assigned projects. I've always been that way. never doing homework or writing term papers until just before they are due. Not doing my laundry until I absolutely have no other choices of clothing to wear. You know, things like that. :D

Well.... here I went again, working on my project the night before it's due. This time, a slightly good excuse. I've been on set the past couple of days for a clothing company, and the days have been a little bit longer than I expected, so understandably I am a bit behind. (to be honest... it's a primarily male clothing company and I can safely say since my husband does not read my blog that the guys i get the pleasure of make-uping are some seriously good looking guys! haha! I mean i'm happily married, but i sure havent minded the eye candy the past couple of days!)
But today as I sat down after a long day of shooting (part of the day being in wind and rain and cold) I thought... man I am SLEEPY! And then it suddenly hit me EXACTLY what I wanted to do and I completely 180'ed on my plan for my project today.
The production coordinator for the shoots for the clothing company is April. April is such a nice nice person. She hires me repeatedly for this company and I have now dont 3 catalogs with them but here is one of the ways she is different than the average project coordinator. She remembers I have kids. She remembers when I take them to school and when i pick them up and she schedules my call times accordingly and even tries to make it so that I can leave part way thru the shoot to either pick them up from school or at least check in on them. She's even asked me to please go ahead and just bring them to part of the shoot and said if i'm needed on set, she will play with them while i work. I have never met a production coordinator who thinks of those things, or even CARES about those things. most just see one with a family life as a bit of a production nuisance. So for that, i am very grateful.

So why did the fact that I was sleepy trigger me to think of my new project? Well... today, April did not look good. Haha. She walked it later than my call time and I thought, oh sweetie. Did you sleep at all?! She said, about 2 hours. She has been up all night for the past 3 nights getting the catalog ready for print and then still is on set all day. She told me today she has slept for a total of 7 hours in 3 full days! After the shoot wraps tomorrow... i know she doesnt just get to go home and go to bed... but I do hope in the next couple of days she gets to finally take a break!
I wish that I could help her with the catalog... but thats not my job. So, i made her this project for when she does finally get some time to herself.

Here is my little collection of goodies in the Sweet Treat Tote. This tote is SO fun! It can be package 3 ways. Lauren did a fantastic job of displaying the same tote with 3 different gifts inside in THIS POST.

This little "box/tray" of sorts goes inside the template. Unfortuantely, I kinda forgot the HEIGHT of the template when i was planning so my bosy wash doesnt fit inside. Ah well. My rose soap petals do! Along with some tea lights and the bar of chocolate that i plan to pick up tomorrow morning on the way to set (yeah, it was a thought too late for my picture).
The tray can also be flipped upside down (my original plan!) and then you can use it to stick candy lollipops, cake pops, etc in and it holds them upright. Also included in the template package is another box/tray that would then sit upright the height of the box. I love that there are 3 ways to use it!

And one more picture for you...

Be sure to check out the rest of the MTME design team and their creations today...
Have a great day!!!


Michelle Sunday, January 08, 2012  

That is a lovely and thoughtful gift. April sounds like a lady who will appreciate it. So sweet of you to give her a just because gift!

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