sorry for the lack of posts!

>> Thursday, October 14, 2010

Man what a WEEK i've had! Just as i think i can catch up from being sick, my computer DIES! AGAIN! Clearly there is something wrong that is making my harddrives fail. Failed harddrives are not an uncommon problem with macbook laptops. My hubby thinks it's because i have too many programs open at one time. Well... i have to multitask! In any case, i'm so sorry for the lack of posts! The sad thing is i have things to show you and just havent been able to get them posted! I finally told my hubby something had to give. I NEEDED to get online. I run an online company for pete's sake!

So, i've taken over my hubby's computer (he still has his laptop, i havent left him totally without!)

Bear with me as i get caught up from all this mess! I still dont have all my programs and that KILLS me! So much for wrking on my makeup site! *sigh*

Be sure to check back in tomorrow... i do have not 1 but 2 cards for 2 of the most fun challenges i've done in awhile! Yeah, you know you are excited to find out!

Here's a tip... the song you are giggling to about now... well it's part of it!
But since i'm getting ready to type up some scheduled posts, i cant schedule the music too. :D Wait, maybe i can. Eh, this is more fun. It gives you a reason to come back in the morning!

Have a wonderful evening!


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