Our Big Announcement!

>> Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Well i know i've announced we'll be having a baby in September but yesterday we had our ultrasound appointment and got to find out what we're having!

I made this little card for our announcement... i'm not very pleased with the picture quality as i cant find my camera and had to borrow my husbands (a better camera than mine, but i dont know it's settings). Still... here's our big announcement...


Lorie Tuesday, April 29, 2008  

Well, that is an adorable card! Congratulations on your bouncing baby boy! I have three of them and they are GREAT!!!

Jenn Tuesday, April 29, 2008  

Too cute! Congrats on the little boy, too! Boys are fun - and in a lot of ways are so much easier than little girls (this coming from a mom of two very active boys and one sweet but moody girl). ;-)
Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy!
Jenn G.

Monica Tuesday, April 29, 2008  

It's not your GIRL but as long as you got a healthy lil bouncing Budle of Joy in there.........You we're very Blessed!
Congrats Katie!!
Best Woshes on the rest of your pregnancy!

Jessica Smith Tuesday, April 29, 2008  

Congratulations!! Love the card such a cute image.

Christi Tuesday, April 29, 2008  

Congratulations!!! Boys are so much fun! I have two of my own and the sure do keep you on your toes! :) What an adorable way to announce it!

Kim Tuesday, April 29, 2008  

Oh Katie how exciting!!! My boys are 2 years apart and it's been awesome. The hand-me-down clothes are the best!!! Mwah, sistah Kim

LeAnne Tuesday, April 29, 2008  

Awww, adorable card. What a cute way to announce it. I hope the resy of your pregnancy goes by easliy. I am sure know how great little boys are and now your son will get a perfect playmate. CONGRATS!


Kim's Life Tuesday, April 29, 2008  

Congrads!!!!!! Love the card too!

Kimmie0270 Tuesday, April 29, 2008  

Congratulations - boys are so much fun!

Ami Wednesday, April 30, 2008  

YEAYYYYYYY. How fun! Great card also :)

Kim Wednesday, April 30, 2008  

Congratulations! I wish you the best on the rest of your pregnancy! Love your announcement! It is very adorable! Lovey it!



Dana Friday, May 02, 2008  

How awesome! Congrats you ya'll!!!

Berry Saturday, May 03, 2008  

a baby boyyyyy owowowowo Congrats on the preggers and it's a healthy boy that is a blessing and thanks for all of your support and a great friendship.
Looks like jack is going to be the big brother

the zuf (SCS) Monday, May 05, 2008  

OOOOhhh!!!! Congrats!!!! 2 boys ARE better than 1!!! :) Your card is adorable too!

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