Copic Creations Challenge with Bugaboo Stamps

>> Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Copic Creations Challenge is back with a new challenge for you!

The Copic Creations challenge is a bimonthly challenge bringing new challenges to use those copics on with new sponsors giving fantastic prizes!
Our sponsor for this challenge is Bugaboo Digital Stamps and our challenge to you is to use WARM colors!

Now using warm colors can mean a lot of things! You can go with reds, oranges and yellows because that certainly fits the bill! But you can also find the warm versions of many colors... even greens, purples, blues, etc.

Here is my card...
My card uses one of the Scarlette designs digi available from Bugaboo Stamps.
Bugaboo has many different characters. They are all so stinkin' cute!
The sentiment is from the Retail Therapy set from Paper Makeup Stamps.

Ok, back to the challenge at hand... using warm colors.
If you look at the color wheel...

By the way my "online friend" Debbie Olson has done a fantastic write up for Ellen Hutson on the copic colors that you may read about HERE. I actually stumbled on it while trying to find a color wheel to show here on my blog).

Ok, so as you can see at the above chart, there is a color wheel. Of course you can probably pick out the primary colors which you have known since gradeschool. Yellow, Red and Blue. Well, out of those 3 colors, 2 of them are warm colors. Which makes the majority of the color wheel warm. Due to both red and yellow being labeled as warm colors.. Orange is actually the most warm of all. So think of orange as the sun and as you get further away from the sun, you get cooler! :D So look opposite of orange on the color wheel and what do you see? BLUE! Which by the primary colors, you probably could have already guessed was the coolest color. So just as blue is the coolest color, as you venture your way around the color wheel, you get warmer.

Now take the color green for example and look at it on the color chart. Yellow Green is closer to orange, our warmest color. So it is the warmest version of green you can get. I used this "warm green" on my card and in my color. But waaaaaait a second you say. I also used blue green. Well yes, I did use a little blue green to even out my coloring since there was some blue green in my paper. However, blue green is the warmest blue color. Going warm on the other side of the blue on the wheel is purple. And as you can imagine, purple is a bit of it's own entity with a warm purple and a cool purple. So i just left that one alone for now!

So that is my way quick color theory break down for ya. Some people study color theory for YEARS and I did in fact take whole classes just on color theory. It's present everywhere from makeup, to art to fashion to advertising, to well, you get the idea. ;)

So now it's your turn! You dont have to use bugaboo stamps to play, but they are very affordable digis, so try one out if ya want. The only requirement is that you play with warm coloring in your creation. When you are done, go back to the Copic Creations blog and link it up! Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Create with reckless abandon and step outside of your comfort zone. You might just find that you like it there! ;)


Tracey Tuesday, February 15, 2011  

Love it Katie! Fabulous colouring as always!! xx

Danni Tuesday, February 15, 2011  

Fun card, the image made me giggle!

FibreJunky Tuesday, February 15, 2011  

Fabulous explanation! I've always found colour theory to be fascinating. It was a great class to take.

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