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>> Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm back with another project from the new My Time Made Easy release!
You can check out all the new products HERE.

So how many times have YOU made someone a cd and given it to them as a gift or even as part of business. Maybe a cd of songs you burned? Maybe a photo collage? Whatever it is, I know that I personally have done this a lot. Well now Lauren has made a perfect packaging template for this (which by the way, would still be perfect to put all kinds of other things inside!) Oh, and you can put a store bought cd case and all in there as well!
There are 2 versions to the Disc-Covered template! So you really are getting 2 for the price of 1!
1 size perfectly fits a CD and the other perfectly fits a DVD.

I've opted to create the CD sized version. :D

For my project I also used paper from the CountDown paper pack and a sentiment from the Night at the Movies digi stamp set!

Here is a angled view...

I love the closure on this! The flaps slip and clash similar to one of those bra closures. Man, i guess it's a good thing mostly women read my blog otherwise I might have a lot of confused people! haha!

I covered the closer with the 4 from my sentiment, which by the way, separating the sentiment in digi form is WAY easier and quicker than trying to mask have the stamp and only stamp portions at a time! :D

Inside my Disc-Covered holder is a slightly naughty thing! But I thought it fit perfectly with the old time movie look of the packaging!

Are you ready for this?

RUH ROH! It's a disc of "personal" images!

One of the latest crazes in portrait photography is the "boudoir session". These are pictures that everyday women get taken for their significant others. I'm done makeup for many! Brides often do it, women do it for their men over seas, but also for birthdays, christmas, valentines day (i had my own done last year for valentine's day for my hubby!)

Well, as I have been learning photography and this is an intimate topic and many women trust their makeup artists with all kinds of things... i decided I wanted to learn the art of the boudoir session. So a model friend of mine posed so I could practice! She's actually the one in the photo above, so no worries, she's totally consented to being shown. Her images hopefully will help others want to book a session. :D

The box was filled with faux flower petals to act as a cushion. I could have put the disc into a cd cover, but that simply didnt have the allure of it sitting naked on the flower petals!

Here's a closer look...
Using photoshop, i cropped my image into a circle and printed it on adhesive paper (you know, they make cd labels and somewhere i have some, but this worked too!) and then I cut it out and stuck it onto the cd. Yes i could have poked out the center too, but i didnt have very god placement of my picture for that. I would have cut out her mouth, so i opted to leave it be. Maybe next time i will crop better!

I used another sentiment from the Night at the Movies digi stamp set and layered it on top of the image prior to printing. It reads "what dreams are made of". HA! i love it!

So there you have it!

Be sure to check out


for some more wonderful creations using this set!!!


Lauren (mytime) Thursday, June 02, 2011  

WOW Katie! Lots of info in this. I don't think I'd ever have the guts to do a session like that but totally admire those who do. Its a really cool gift to give your hubby. Although if I had a makeup artist like you maybe I could look hot! LOL! Love how this turned out. Great job :D Lots of ideas spinning in my head now.

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