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>> Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hello everyone! This is a bit of a double post. :D But it does have to do with creative things!

This past month I have been busy busy busy! Lots of weddings to do makeup and hair on (the fall is a big wedding season in the south because it's beautiful and not as hot!) but I've also embarked on a new creative adventure... Photography! Seeing as I have done makeup professionally for quite a while, i thought it would be fun to learn photography to go along with it. It has been so much fun learning and practicing with models, but also time consuming as I've tried to take advantage of when I am able to shoot with a good model.

Now I dont plan on posting very much of my photography on this blog as this is my crafting blog... but my very first photo shoot does serve a bit as a dual post. For this photo i did the makeup, the hair and all the clothing styling (including sewing the tulle skirt and altering the flower for her hair accessory!

Here's a few of the photography shots!

For my first shoot, i was rather please with how it turned out. We also continued to shoot another look, but i'm won't bore you with that one here. If you are interested, you can read about it on my makeup and photography blog. :D

So about the crafty side of the shoot.... tulle skirts are not as quick and easy to make as I thought. It was fine, just not nearly wham, bam, thank you ma'am as i thought it would be!

But here's the part that I think my paper crafting friends would be the most interested in....
See her flower in her hair? I picked that up at hobby lobby in the bridal section. They have them in all different colors. But the thing about them i don't like... they a brightly colored and SHINY! It just didnt have the rustic fall look i wanted for the photo. I've come across this problem before in paper crafting... when a flower you want to use just isnt the right color? Or looks cheap like it did in this case. SO what do i do.... i break out my copic airbrush and alter away! You can spray just about ANYTHING with the copic airbrush!

I don't know about you, but i'm definitely liking the altered version more so than the original. I suppose maybe for the original purpose of something for bridal the bright and shiny works.. but I think the airbrush gives it so much more dimension!

I used a couple different browns to achieve the final look. E59 on the leaves to make them brown instead of peach. E25 slightly over the petals to just give them a little more depth and edge and then E49 (super dark) not in the airbrush, but i used the brush tip side to color the stemens (the pearls in the center)

Now obviously these would be a little large for a card or even scrapbook page, however they might work great on an altered item and you can apply the same principle to airbrushing smaller flowers and such.

So thats what i have for ya today! Don't forget you can airbrush more than just paper!

Have a great day!!!


Ms. Jen Thursday, December 09, 2010  

WOW Girly - you just do it all, don't you!! Fabulous shots. I absolutely love the makeup. I've always wanted to do that and see what I looked like. Just for fun. That flower is super gorgeous the second time around, I'm with you on which one is prettier. Keep up the good work!

Hugs - Jen

Lisa Kind Saturday, January 01, 2011  

You are just too clever! That "after" rose is much prettier in those rustic colors! And the fashion shots you did are fab! Great work, girl!

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